The Truth Behind Muscle Soreness: 4 Signs You Might Need Medical Attention

Muscle injury with the thighMuscle aches and pains are common and usually involve more than one muscle. Usually a muscle pain is associated with overuse, tension, or muscle injury from exercise or a large amount of stress from a physical work in your job.  However, sometimes a muscle pain can be more than it seems. When do you know to contact a medical professional and that the pain is more than just a sore muscle?

Here are 4 signs you might have more than just a tired or sore muscle.

  1. Your Pain Continues Longer Than 3 Days. We all have had sore muscles after a different or intense workout. However, that pain usually is gone in one or two days. If you have severe persistent pain for more than 3 days, something more serious could be wrong and warrants medical attention.
  2. Signs of Infection. Do you have redness around the muscle or swelling? If so, these are signs there is an infection related to the sore muscle. You need to seek medical attention to see what is going on with the muscle.
  3. Poor Circulation. If you have poor circulation you can have severe muscle aches that need addressed.
  4. Signs of bug bite. If there is a bite or a rash on the muscle area this can lead to sickness and infection. Especially if a tick or another infection carrying insect bit you.

So, the slogan “no pain, no gain” works most of the time, but sometimes muscle soreness is more than just an overused muscle. Consider carefully (you know your body the best!) and seek medical attention for unusual or extended muscle pain.

Recently a young man came into the store to look for something to help with his aching legs. He works a very labor-intensive job, and had continuous soreness. He did speak to his doctor and learned that in this case, it was just sore, tired muscle pain. We offered to help him with BioFreeze or the LaserTouchOne to help alleviate the persistent pain after every workday. He tried the LaserTouchOne and now can relax and sleep at night without severe agitating pain.

Do you experience muscle soreness and need help to alleviate the pain? Stop by and let us help you with several product choices to manage your pain.

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