What does my Tension Mean? Learn What Different Tension Means to Your Body

Man with neck and back painYour back is killing you. Your neck feels like someone just laid a sleeping cow on it. Why are you so sore and struggling to keep up? The answer is tension. Tension can cause muscle pain makes us feel like we just had a work out! How do you know what this tension is or means in your body and where do we carry tension?

Two most common places for tension are the following.

Tension in Neck and Shoulders. The neck is the most common location for pain and where we carry stress, and then it is our shoulders. Why this location? Many times it is just sitting in one position too long or working intensely on a project that causes stress and strain in our joints and muscles. As the tension settles in, we tend to develop bad posture and this usually leads to headaches and pain and discomfort down the arms. After a long day, you may have achiness in your arms that really comes from all the tension in your neck and shoulders!

Lower Back Pain.  How we stand, sit, or do repetitive movements at work can all lead to lower back pain. But tension sometimes settles in our backs when we fail to listen to our body’s need to take a break, stretch, move differently, or seek relief from mental stress. Oftentimes, mental stress or a crisis could make your back pain worse, and then you start feeling it down your legs too. Relief is important so that the temporary tension pain does not become chronic pain.

I have had several people come in recently complaining of ongoing tension in their neck and shoulders which is effecting their ability to do their jobs.  I suggested they try the Laser Touch One system at night to relieve built up stress and pain from muscle tension.  Both tried it and said they have much less pain during the day! 

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