3 Tips for Avoiding Winter Exercise Injury

People running in winter park, motion blurWinter may seem like a great time to take a break from your normal exercise routine and relax, but lack of activity is never good for our waistline. Allowing for 30 minutes of moderate exercise 3-4 times a week will keep your weight in check and your mood elevated, as exercise is shown to combat the winter blues we often feel from lack of sunlight. So whether you are planning to shovel snow, ski cross country or take a winter day walk, here are some tips for preventing injury.

3 Tips for Avoiding Winter Exercise Injury

Stay Hydrated. While this may seem like common sense, it’s important for us not to forget to hydrate. Reaching for that cool glass of water definitely seems more appealing on a hot summer day, but drinking plenty of water is just as important during winter activities. If you tend to lose track of how much water you have consumed during the day, try keeping a journal or filling a large container in the morning in efforts to finish by bedtime.

Layer Adequately. Over-layering can be a concern in the winter months. It’s important to keep the body warm but not to allow it to get overheated once you begin exercising. Try using an inner layer of moisture wicking material, a middle layer of fleece and wind/waterproof material on the exterior. This will help protect you from the elements while regulating your body temperature. Be sure to also cover your head and hands, as there is where most of our heat loss occurs. This will also protect you from dangerous frostbite. Finally, wear goggles to protect your eyes from corneal freezing.

Condition for the Cold. Our body is a machine that responds best to repetitive training. Therefore, when it comes to exercising in the cold, it’s best to set small goals in order to achieve certain activities. For example, if you enjoy running but typically use a treadmill during the winter months, jumping right into your daily run in the winter may be dangerous. Instead, warm up inside and complete the majority of your run on the treadmill, then add in a few minutes outside. Add on more time each day and it will definitely become easier.

Staying active in the winter months is a great way to be proactive with your health! There are so many fun activities to do outside, just be sure to be safe and follow these tips for a happy and healthy season!

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How to Keep Your Senior Safe as Winter Approaches

Senior in front of fireAs winter and the holidays approach you think of beautiful snow, cuddling by a fire, and sipping hot chocolate.However, with all the celebration comes great danger with winter weather and holiday festivities. How do you keep you or your aging loved one safe from the weather?

5 Ways to Keep Your Senior Safe During the Winter Season

Avoid Extreme Cold.  Taking a walk during the winter can be invigorating and healthy; there’s nothing like some fresh air to keep you healthy and relaxed.  However, if the temperature is dropping, you may need to rethink that stroll outside and walk at the local YMCA or mall instead. As you age, you become more sensitive to the cold and you are at a greater risk of hypothermia. Keep a close eye on the temperature before you wander outside.

Keep Outside Walkways Clean.  Cleaning off snow and ice can be a chore, but you need to make sure that if grandma and grandpa want to go out and avoid “Cabin Fever,” they can get out safely.Hire someone to clean the sidewalk and driveway regularly during the winter months and give them your number in case they see something out of the ordinary. It is great to have another set of eyes keeping track of our aging loved ones, especially in the winter.

Make Sure Heat Source is Operating Correctly.  To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, makes sure the furnace is functioning properly. Have a qualified heating professional do maintenance on the furnace and venting system. If mom and dad use a space heater on those extra bitter days, make sure it is working properly and that it is stored where it is not a hazard when not in use.

Watch Out for the Holiday Clutter.  You need to keep things in order and remember that the holidays and winter tend to bring more “stuff.” Where do you put the “stuff”? Avoid putting things in their walkway pattern in the house and make sure electrical cords are out of the way to prevent mom or dad from falling.  If they received many new things from the holidays, make sure they are located where they won’t cause a fall.

Keep Seniors Active to Avoid Winter Depression.  Many times when winter sets in, seniors tend to stay home and leave exercise and socialization behind. Don’t let your loved one spend too much time alone. It is not healthy. You need to have them socialize and participate in physical activity in order to stay healthy and not get depressed and lonely. Make sure you involve mom or dad in activities that get them out among friends and family. Also, try to find ways to keep them active so they can enjoy the fun of winter activities safely.

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