Ask Sarah: 3 Ways Stairlifts Benefit Mom and Dad

Dear Sarah,

Both of my parents have recently had trouble getting up and down the stairs to the second floor of their house where their bedroom is located. I have read some recent articles about stairlifts on the internet and I think installing a stairlift in their home would help them to get around, but I’m not sure how to approach my parents on the topic. I know they want to regain their mobility and independence, which is why I think the installation of a stairlift may be a good idea. Do you have any advice on how to get my parents to consider the addition of a stairlift? 

Carol, Coldwater, OH


Hi Carol,

It sounds like the addition of a stairlift would be the perfect fit for both your mom and your dad! I know that sometimes as our parents age, they do worry about their independence. And while they may see a stairlift (at first) as a hindrance of their freedom, in reality, the addition of a stairlift to one’s home is a great benefit. We need to help our parents embrace the idea because it will allow them to continue to do the things they have always done so well on their own, but easier this time!

Try asking your parents if the following factors are important to them as they age and struggle with their mobility:

  1. The ability to carry everyday items and move between floors safely, reducing the possibility of injury.
  2. Remaining in the comfort of their own home.
  3. Maintaining their confidence and independence no matter what their age.

Installing a stairlift can help your parents maintain all of the above benefits, and much, much more. Likewise, I have had several customers who were surprised at how cost-friendly the installation of a stairlift was. While one may think the installation is extremely out-of-budget, they typically soon realize (after having the discussion) that installing a stairlift is much more budget-friendly than the addition of other in-home elevators and other lift devices.

At New Visions, we want you and your parents to know that we care about the safety and well-being of all of our current, potential and future customers. Together, we work with you to find the best fit for your needs. If you and/or your parents have any questions at all about the benefits of our stairlifts or any other products we offer, please feel free to give me, Sarah, a call personally at 419.678.4979.

I hope my answers give you and your parents a little more insight on the importance of finding the right stairlift in order to ensure the proper safety and desired independence levels for your mom and dad.

Thank you.

Sarah at New Visions

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5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Stairlift

Woman sitting in stairliftOften times as adults age, the stairs become a challenge to conquer and/or navigate safely due to balance or muscle strength issues. However, many seniors do not want to leave their home and have stairs to bedrooms or basements that they want or need to use.

First of all you probably did not even fathom this would be a purchase for your parents’ home. When looking for a stairlift, where do you start? Here are 5 things you should consider before installing a stairlift.

1. Cost. Can you afford the lift or is it time to think about moving mom and dad somewhere else? If you don’t want to move your parents and you need a stairlift, you need to look into insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid to see if your individual situation qualifies. Sometimes you can even qualify for a grant from the National Council on Independent Living. Furthermore, if you don’t qualify and your doctor has written that you need a stairlift, you might be able to claim it on your taxes. These are all options to consider when looking for a stairlift for your loved one’s home.

2. Your Stairway. Most stairlifts are manufactured to fit on any stairway. However, before you purchase, you need to make sure the stairlift works on your stairway. If your stairway is straight, a typical lift will work, but if your stairway is curved or turns, it will have to be customized and that will be more costly. If you move, you can resell a straightlift, but if it is not a straightlift, it will probably have to be removed.

3. Stairlift Installation Requirements. When installing a stairlift, you will have to attach the lift to the stairwell. This will require removing carpet or trim to attach the lift safely and securely. You also need to consider if there is room at the top and bottom of the lift so the senior can get on and off safely. Are there hazards with tripping or does a door need moved? These are all considerations upon installation of a stairlift.

4. Type of Lift. Now you need to decide do I get a lift that is battery operated or electric (AC stair lift)? Typically individuals choose electric stairlift over battery because the maintenance is easier and you don’t have the fear the lift will die in transition from one level to the next.

5. Features. There are many features to choose from when selecting a stairlift. Do you want a folding footrest and folding seat to make the lift seem more compact and less noticeable in your home? Do you need hinged rails to get past a doorway or walkway? What about raised mounting brackets to allow the chair to be lifted up and out of the way of a door that may need to be closed? Do you want a swivel seat to make getting on and off the chair easier? Does it have a send-call feature to be able to retrieve the chair if it’s at the wrong end of the staircase? These are just some of the features to consider meeting your individual needs when installing a stairlift.


Think your loved one needs a stairlift in their home? We had an adult daughter in the store the other day trying to decide how to choose a stairlift for her parents so they could get to and from their bedroom with ease. Please stop by New Visions in Coldwater to learn more about stairlifts and let us help you get it installed. For the month of October we offer 150.00 off stairlifts.