Remodeling Your Bathroom? 3 Things You Should Consider Installing

Remodeling a bathroom can be a lot of work. And when you’re first getting started, you want to make sure you are including EVERYTHING you may need in your new bathroom in order to prevent a costly rework in the future. Below we outline the top 3 items you should consider installing in your newly renovated bathroom.


3 Items to Include in Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

  1. Grab Bar. Mobility issues can be one of the most difficult problems to overcome in a bathroom. If you or a family member need help with mobility, or perhaps foresee yourself needing help in the future, a grab bar is a great solution. Not only do these items come in many different lengths, but they also come in various finishes in order to match both your needs and your bathroom decor!
  2. Safeway Step. This item, friendly for all ages, is often overlooked when remodeling a bathroom. Heck, you may not even know such an item exists! The Safeway Step is one-of-a-kind and designed to provide an economical renovation option for individuals and facilities looking to provide both high quality and easier access into the bathtub area. This step can be used to retrofit your bathtub into a walk-in shower! If you often find yourself experiencing leg pain, have trouble lifting your feet over the edge of the tub or just want something that is EASY, you should look into the Safeway Step feature!
  3. Shower Chair. There are a multitude of reasons to include a shower chair in your newly renovated bathroom (or you will wish you had one if you didn’t consider it in the first place!). Are you getting exhausted from daily tasks more frequently as you age? Did you recently have to undergo an unexpected surgery? Or maybe your active child tore their ACL in sports and is struggling to stand for long periods of time? A shower chair can serve a wide range of individuals for a variety of different reasons. Be proactive and include a shower chair in your bathroom renovation today!


Remember, these are only the top 3 items you should consider putting into your newly renovated bathroom. The list of other beneficial products goes on and on! You can view more bathroom safety and remodel products here.


If you are looking to renovate your bathroom but don’t know where to get started or what to include, give the professionals at New Visions Medical Equipment a call at 419.678.4979 or email us at today!

How to Keep Your Senior Safe as Winter Approaches

Senior in front of fireAs winter and the holidays approach you think of beautiful snow, cuddling by a fire, and sipping hot chocolate.However, with all the celebration comes great danger with winter weather and holiday festivities. How do you keep you or your aging loved one safe from the weather?

5 Ways to Keep Your Senior Safe During the Winter Season

Avoid Extreme Cold.  Taking a walk during the winter can be invigorating and healthy; there’s nothing like some fresh air to keep you healthy and relaxed.  However, if the temperature is dropping, you may need to rethink that stroll outside and walk at the local YMCA or mall instead. As you age, you become more sensitive to the cold and you are at a greater risk of hypothermia. Keep a close eye on the temperature before you wander outside.

Keep Outside Walkways Clean.  Cleaning off snow and ice can be a chore, but you need to make sure that if grandma and grandpa want to go out and avoid “Cabin Fever,” they can get out safely.Hire someone to clean the sidewalk and driveway regularly during the winter months and give them your number in case they see something out of the ordinary. It is great to have another set of eyes keeping track of our aging loved ones, especially in the winter.

Make Sure Heat Source is Operating Correctly.  To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, makes sure the furnace is functioning properly. Have a qualified heating professional do maintenance on the furnace and venting system. If mom and dad use a space heater on those extra bitter days, make sure it is working properly and that it is stored where it is not a hazard when not in use.

Watch Out for the Holiday Clutter.  You need to keep things in order and remember that the holidays and winter tend to bring more “stuff.” Where do you put the “stuff”? Avoid putting things in their walkway pattern in the house and make sure electrical cords are out of the way to prevent mom or dad from falling.  If they received many new things from the holidays, make sure they are located where they won’t cause a fall.

Keep Seniors Active to Avoid Winter Depression.  Many times when winter sets in, seniors tend to stay home and leave exercise and socialization behind. Don’t let your loved one spend too much time alone. It is not healthy. You need to have them socialize and participate in physical activity in order to stay healthy and not get depressed and lonely. Make sure you involve mom or dad in activities that get them out among friends and family. Also, try to find ways to keep them active so they can enjoy the fun of winter activities safely.

Just recently we had a customer stop in the store to look for a new way to get her mom mobile during the winter. She was concerned she would get depressed if she could not get out and socialize with friends. We suggested one of our scooters to help her mom stay active and mobile during the cold weather. She found one that fit her needs, and now her mom can get around and visit her family and friends rather than staying inside alone during the cold winter months.

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Are You Safe Online?

Smartphone with credit cardsAs the fall activities get going with school, festivals and sporting events, you are probably online constantly shopping, booking weekend getaways, and finding resources for work. However, what you might take for granted is the safety of being online. With our aging parents, our kids, and even ourselves, you forget that being online is convenient, but you still need to be safe.

When you are shopping online,you should think about the following 5 safety points.

  1. Research the Seller. When you are looking online to shop, check out the vendor because you need to know that the seller is reputable. Sometimes just reading the reviews on the seller is not enough. You need to look at the BBB and other resources that rate online companies and their reputation.
  2. Protect Personal Information. Make sure the information the vendor is requiring is necessary for an online purchase. Also, check their privacy policy before you give out your personal and financial information. You need to know how they are storing and using your information.
  3. Use a Safe Payment Option. Typically your credit card is the safest option. You can get credit for the item purchased if it is not received, and you generally have a limit that can be spent on the card (unlike a debit card) if your information is stolen. Never send cash and always study the return policy, so you don’t get slammed with unusual fees.
  4.  Keep a Paper Trail of Everything. Keep the order form, receipt, and any online exchanges with the seller to cover your trail. Immediately check your credit card statement with the receipt to make sure there is no discrepancy, and if there is, report it to your bank immediately.
  5. Turn off the computer. When you are done shopping turn everything off so you don’t give scammers 24/7 access to your information. If they have access, they can hack into your system and steal your identity or your money.

It is important to keep yourself and your family safe when interacting on social networks. You are on social media daily, and you need to protect your privacy and be careful what you share.

Here are 4 tips to keep you safe on the social media highway.

  1. Use Privacy settings. Privacy settings are there for a reason, and you should use them to make sure you and your personal information is safe from scammers or stalkers.
  2. Manage Your Online Reputation. Once you post something it is there forever. If there is something you don’t want anyone to know, don’t put it in writing and especially all over the internet. Recruiters look at social media and see who you are, so protect your reputation! Show you are smart, resourceful, and respectful.
  3. Know and Manage Connections. If you are building a business reputation, then create a fan page and keep only the friends you know and trust with access to your personal page. It is time to separate what is work and what is personal.
  4. Know when to contact someone. If you feel threatened and harassed online remove the person from your friend list and report them to the administrator. Sometimes there are people who just want to take advantage of you and if you let them, they will. So contact someone as soon as you are uncomfortable with the situation.


Recently a customer stopped in for pain products for their senior athlete and also their aging parent. They were very concerned with how to protect their parent and child against the negativity that can happen online. We discussed how the internet is a wonderful thing and makes our life so much easier, but it can be an evil tool for people taking advantage of you. I thought it was time to discuss how to be safe when navigating the internet highway.

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