My Head is Killing me, and I Can’t Stand up! 5 Ways to Conquer a Headache

Older man with headacheFeel like your head is exploding and you can barely move? You are constantly trying to regroup, breathe deep, and not think that your head hurts. You have too much to do, and no time to waste on a throbbing head. How can you win the battle of the migraine headache? It is never easy and what works for one, may not work for you.

Here are 5 ways to conquer the headache and make your day run more smoothly.

  1.  Massage. Whether you have a professional do it or you rub your temples yourself, a massage can do wonders for an aching head. Just the basic head, neck, and shoulders massage can have you feeling better in minutes. Sometimes you just need to relax the muscles so you can function. You don’t even realize that you are tensed up and not relaxed until you get a massage and feel your body start to unwind and relax.
  2.  Stretching. Who would ever believe that stretching can relieve a headache? Some basic stretches can make you relax and win the headache battle. For example, you move your chin to chest and stretch back, look side to side, or stretch your ear to each shoulder. These simple stretches can reduce or eliminate the tension in your head.
  3.  Aerobic Exercise. Exercise like brisk walking, running, swimming or even biking can stimulate muscles and reduce a headache. There are many times I have felt my head start to pound, and I immediately get up and walk. It is amazing how quickly the nagging pain subsides. According to the National Pain Foundation, aerobic exercise reduces headache pain and keeps you healthier. So when your head starts to throb, go for a quick brisk walk you will feel better, and you might even lose a few pounds.
  4.  Yoga. The combination of breathing exercises, physical postures, and meditation can do wonders for the aching head. You don’t have to be super flexible to start yoga. You start where you are and go from there. It is truly an experience of balancing the mind, body, and spirit to be in sync.
  5.  Relaxation and Meditation. I know many people think relaxation and meditation is goofy. However with deep breathing and concentration, you can really relax your body and mind.  Try visualizing your most relaxing location while deep breathing and just meditating on being in that location and unwinding. With visualization and deep breathing, you will be amazed that you really can reduce headache pain. You can even incorporate music that helps you unwind.


Trying to manage headaches to stay healthy and productive can be a challenge. However, there are many options that work, and one will work for you. I have the LaserTouchOne that helps or eliminate headaches as well. By rubbing at the base of the neck and shoulders, I can feel my muscles relax and the pain subsides. It is a great find that is portable, and you can carry it with you in case you are traveling and your head starts to throb, and you just can’t stand up! Stop in today and try the LaserTouchOne and you will feel relief.

How to Kick Your Nagging Headache: 5 Simple Solutions

Mom with headacheToday a mother called me and said my head is pounding how can I get rid of it?

She continued on that maybe she had the flu. How many times when a headache does creep in, that we begin to wonder what did I do or not do? Did I drink enough water? Did I skip some sleep?

Many of our customers are working moms who take car of the kids, house, job, husband, school volunteering, and then themselves! This is why studies show 75% of migraine suffers are women.

Follow these 5 Quick Solutions and you can stop the headache!

1.  Make sure to Eat!  You don’t expect your car to run without fuel, so how do you expect your body to function without food? You must eat and make the choices be healthy ones to keep the body and mind going like a smooth engine.

 2.  Drink Water.  The biggest reason people get headaches is caused by dehydration. Make sure to drink plenty of water! If by chance you are drinking many caffeinated drinks, you must make sure to keep downing the water as well.

3.  Get rid of Stress! Take the road to decompression! I know many people think stress does not cause headaches. However, many people suffer from migraines or severe headaches from daily stress.  It is time to say the two-letter word-NO! You have to manage stress to keep your head in check.

4.  Sleep. Many of us think we are superman and can do one more thing. However, rest helps relax the body and the mind to be refreshed and to avoid terrible pain and headaches. Sometimes all you need is a quick power nap to regenerate your body.

 5.  Laser Treatment.  Treating a headache with the non-evasive LaserTouchOne is a great solution.


One day a woman who suffers with bad headaches came in the store in search of relief.  We demonstrated the LTO and explained that it uses low-level laser therapy and micro-current electrical stimulation to effectively stimulate healing and pain relief.

She decided to rent the LTO for a week to see if it would help her.  Throughout the course of the week, she had a couple of bad headaches and used the laser on the base of the back of her neck.  She was able to get enough pain relief from using the laser that she was able to go to work.  She told us without the laser, she didn’t think she would be able to even make it to work.  She was sold! Now she uses her LaserTouchOne anytime she develops a headache!

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