Designer Series Showers

Who says you have to decide between a low-maintenance, easy-to-install composite shower and the “wow factor” of ceramic, stone, or glass tile? Enjoy the quality, peace of mind, and worry-free maintenance that Bestbath is known for while getting the real-tile look you’re after with our Designer Series showers, tub/shower combinations, and pans.

Our Designer Series gives the same pre-leveled pans—no mud set required—and easy installation that have helped make Bestbath the premier manufacturer in the industry. Multi-piece units feature our SnapJoint technology for smooth installation and a tight seal without the worry of leaks or water damage. Install custom tile accents onsite with inset pockets that allow you to carry backsplash tile work onto your walls and/or shower floor for a cohesive look.

Barrier-Free, Multi-Piece Showers

Barrier free products are designed to provide a safe, soothing, and accessible bathing experience.  Our bathing solutions are specifically designed to allow for the addition of grab bars and a seat for extra support and comfort while bathing. Backed by a 30-year limited warranty, Bestbath products are not only easy to use but easy to maintain as well, providing hassle-free and enjoyable bathing for years to come.

Want a new barrier-free shower installed? New Visions Medical Equipment can coordinate your entire home modifications project – floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall – affordably improving accessibility and safety. Check out this recent bathroom remodel.



Designed to fit seamlessly into your Bestbath walk-in shower or to be installed independently, our shower pans are available in a full range of sizes. Low-step and barrier-free shower pans are available with beveled thresholds, have an anti-slip gelcoat finish, and a choice of drain positions. Shower pans are pre-leveled at the factory and require no mud setting.


Trench Drain

This drain is located in the front of the shower pan under the stainless steel grate.  A 2% slope in the pan directs the water towards the drain.


The WaterStopper Collapsible Water Retainer

This “T” shapes retainer is built to restrict water from escaping the shower, but collapses under the weight of a foot or wheel.  The WaterStopper is available in any length and in grey or beige.  Peel-and-stick adhesive and end caps are provided for installation.

Additional Accessories


Grab Bars
Bestbath offers a full line of stainless steel grab bars which can be installed in any shower or bathtub to meet the various needs and abilities of our customers. Grab bars are also available in multiple colors by requesting our powder-coating service. The bars are available in standard sizes of 12″ to 48″, or in custom sizes. Whatever your needs, we have you covered.

Flange Style
Mounting flanges are constructed with stainless steel and welded to the grab bar to form a single piece. Designed for easy installation, our 14 ga stainless steel bars are durable enough to withstand years of heavy use.

showerseatsShower Seats
Built to withstand up to 900lbs and save space with its foldable legs, our wall-mounted shower seat comes in two seat designs with custom options to match virtually any décor.

stepless-modular-rampsStepless, Modular Ramps
Easy to install, move, and clean due to its lightweight material, this modular ramp makes it easy for us to provide a custom, yet affordable solution for any project.


Weighted shower curtains
These curtains are built with heavy duty material with weights at the bottom and designed to work with The WaterStopper to help ensure water retention. Curtains are offered in a multitude of sizes. Custom sizes are available upon request.

The WaterStopper and our weighed shower curtain are a great solutions to help eliminate water from running and pooling on the bathroom floor. Taking just minutes to install, you could have the ideal solution to help prevent slips and falls from water spills on the bathroom floor.

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