What is the process of equipment repairs?

What is the process of equipment repairs?

Upon customer request, New Visions Medical Equipment will have a repair technician complete a thorough inspection to evaluate the repair(s) your equipment may need.  In addition to troubleshooting your original problem, the service tech will also assess your equipment for other potential trouble areas.  We call this a safety check.

Our technician may take pictures of your equipment or they may call the manufacturer regarding electrical problems or tech support needs.  The pictures are to ensure the right parts are ordered.  Calling the manufacturer is due to the complexity of the electrical systems and the sheer number of makes and models available, especially with power wheelchairs.  These calls assist us in making the correct determination when troubleshooting the many components of the electrical system.  In warranty situations, we may also be required to call the manufacturer in order to obtain warranty parts.



Depending on how you plan to pay for your repairs, some additional documents may be needed.  For customers paying for the repairs themselves, the process is quite a bit faster and much less hassle as we are not required to have medical documentation to proceed.  Frequently Medicare, Medicaid, and some insurance companies require prescriptions for the repairs and repair parts from you doctor.  However, it is important for you to know that physicians are very often overwhelmed with requests like this.  It can take several days to several weeks to get the information to us.  In addition, some payer sources may require that we submit a request for prior authorization and approval before we perform the repair.  That can add to the time it takes to process your repair as well.  It is also important to know if your current insurance provider paid for the equipment when you received it originally.  Frequently, insurance companies will not pay for any repairs to equipment if they did not approve and pay for the original equipment.  In addition, the provider performing the repairs must have medical documentation in their file justifying the medical need for the equipment as well as the repairs being done when billing insurance.  Therefore, it is typically easiest to go to the place where the equipment originally came from for any repairs needing done if you desire to bill insurance.  For cash paying customers, the process is a whole lot faster as we bypass all the documentation and authorization requirements required when billing insurance.


Ordering Parts

Once we have all the required documentation, we will order all parts required.  Shipping time will vary depending on the manufacturer’s location.  As the provider, we do stock some parts.  However, we simply cannot stock all parts for every make, model and year of wheelchair/equipment on the market.  On occasion, parts from multiple manufacturers are needed.  This can slow down the process as well.


Repair appointment

After the documentation and payer approval has been received and parts are ordered/received, we are ready to complete your repair.  Our customer service staff will contact you to arrange an appointment to have a technician complete the repair.  We will make every effort to give each client and repair the necessary amount of time.  Due to this fact, specific appointment times cannot always be given but you may request that we contact you when the technician is on their way.


In-Shop Repairs

On occasion, some repairs are too complicated or require special equipment and cannot be completed at your location.  In such case, it may be necessary to bring your equipment back to our shop for repair.  If you are looking to get your repair done quicker, coming to the shop rather than us going to you is generally faster as we can typically fit these appointments between other appointments.  We highly recommend you call the office to schedule an appointment when needing a repair performed even when coming to the shop to ensure a technician is available to help you solve your problem.  Whether repairs are performed at the shop or at your location, the documentation requirements do not change.


We will always be there for you, even after the sale.  Regardless of top-quality product selection, occasionally equipment may require maintenance or service due to the complex nature of it.  Don’t worry, New Visions’ certified technicians are trained to quickly diagnose and fix the problem with as little interruption in your routine as possible.

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