Why Is my Parent Having Trouble Walking?

Senior helping another walkAs parents age, they tend to have some physical changes and mobility issues indicating they are slowing down. Many of these signs deal with their ability to move around and get going. How do you know your parent is struggling with moving?

Common signs your parents are having mobility problems include:

  • Unsteadiness while walking. Sometime this means the muscles are getting weaker and your parent may have difficulty moving, but sometimes this can be an even bigger issue. Having a conversation with mom or dad about the issue is important in order to understand what is going on with their mobility. You need to make sure there is not another medical issue contributing to their slow moving life now.
  • Difficulty getting in and out of chairs. While aging, it can be difficult to navigate in and out of chairs, especially big, soft chairs that you can sink into. Many times aging adults have this problem because they are not as strong as they used to be and they have not worked on muscle strength in order to be able to get in and out of chairs easily.
  • Slow moving after a fall or muscle strain. Many times moving after a fall when you are older is not an easy task. It takes time to get up and around to do tasks you might have taken for granted. Oftentimes after a fall, aging parents become sedentary because they are afraid of falling again. To help them regain strength and mobility you might need to get them therapy. Falling is the biggest fear of aging adults and recovery after falling can be most difficult.
  • Muscle weakness or joint problems. By not staying active it can be very damaging as you age. You will not have the muscle strength to move like you used to. It is very important to encourage your aging parents to stay active so they will not lose muscle mass.

If your parent has any number of these signs they need your attention and maybe a medical expert’s advice as well. You want and need to understand why mom or dad has mobility problems. Your goal is to help them reduce risks and work on building their strength in order to stay strong.

Tips for helping parents improve their mobility

  • Encourage them to stay active to build or retain strength.
  • Reduce hazards in the home for falls.
  • Make sure to report any reoccurring falls to medical experts.
  • Help them understand the aging process for them.


Creating ease of mind in the winter months ahead

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