My Head is Pounding! Can it be the Weather?

Woman with pain in her headFor many years, you struggle with headaches and oftentimes you cannot explain why you are getting them. The common triggers for headaches are lack of sleep, stress, and illness. However, did you ever consider the weather as a headache or migraine trigger? According to the National Headache Foundation there are 5 common weather triggers for migraine headaches.

5 Common Weather Triggers

  • Changes in barometric pressure
  • Changes in humidity
  • Changes in temperature
  • Extremely dry conditions
  • Storms

Have the above triggers kept you from performing your everyday tasks? If you answered yes to any of the above triggers, you might have weather-induced migraines. Many headache specialists believe the combination of weather conditions and neurovascular imbalances in the brain can lead to migraines.

 Scientist’s Theories

Some scientists believe that you getting headaches triggered from the weather conditions is a protective mechanism against adverse environmental stressors. Getting the headache is the body’s way of warning you to seek a safer and calmer environment. Doctors, who think you get headaches from environmental changes, back this theory.

Some people realize that migraines start when the weather changes and the barometric pressure changes. Doctors think that headaches occur with barometric pressure changes, because the pressure on the brain changes or the way the brain blocks pain changes. These factors all contribute to the onset of headaches when the weather changes.

If you feel the weather changes or pressure changes from weather affect your head, you are not alone and can take the following steps to alleviate or reduce headaches from weather changes.

 4 Steps to Alleviate or Reduce Headaches

  • Keep a journal when you headaches occur and how long it lasts will help you see a pattern when you get migraines. This process can help you determine if you have weather triggered headaches or not.
  • Monitor weather changes to avoid getting migraines. Stay inside on cold windy days to help avoid getting headaches.
  • Take migraine medication, if you take any, at the onset of a migraine. Don’t wait until you are beyond relief from pain medication.
  • Making good lifestyle choices can help you fight migraines. For example, getting enough rest, exercising regularly, eating healthy died and getting enough sleep can ease pain from headaches and help reduce how many headaches you get.

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