Are You Safe Online?

Smartphone with credit cardsAs the fall activities get going with school, festivals and sporting events, you are probably online constantly shopping, booking weekend getaways, and finding resources for work. However, what you might take for granted is the safety of being online. With our aging parents, our kids, and even ourselves, you forget that being online is convenient, but you still need to be safe.

When you are shopping online,you should think about the following 5 safety points.

  1. Research the Seller. When you are looking online to shop, check out the vendor because you need to know that the seller is reputable. Sometimes just reading the reviews on the seller is not enough. You need to look at the BBB and other resources that rate online companies and their reputation.
  2. Protect Personal Information. Make sure the information the vendor is requiring is necessary for an online purchase. Also, check their privacy policy before you give out your personal and financial information. You need to know how they are storing and using your information.
  3. Use a Safe Payment Option. Typically your credit card is the safest option. You can get credit for the item purchased if it is not received, and you generally have a limit that can be spent on the card (unlike a debit card) if your information is stolen. Never send cash and always study the return policy, so you don’t get slammed with unusual fees.
  4.  Keep a Paper Trail of Everything. Keep the order form, receipt, and any online exchanges with the seller to cover your trail. Immediately check your credit card statement with the receipt to make sure there is no discrepancy, and if there is, report it to your bank immediately.
  5. Turn off the computer. When you are done shopping turn everything off so you don’t give scammers 24/7 access to your information. If they have access, they can hack into your system and steal your identity or your money.

It is important to keep yourself and your family safe when interacting on social networks. You are on social media daily, and you need to protect your privacy and be careful what you share.

Here are 4 tips to keep you safe on the social media highway.

  1. Use Privacy settings. Privacy settings are there for a reason, and you should use them to make sure you and your personal information is safe from scammers or stalkers.
  2. Manage Your Online Reputation. Once you post something it is there forever. If there is something you don’t want anyone to know, don’t put it in writing and especially all over the internet. Recruiters look at social media and see who you are, so protect your reputation! Show you are smart, resourceful, and respectful.
  3. Know and Manage Connections. If you are building a business reputation, then create a fan page and keep only the friends you know and trust with access to your personal page. It is time to separate what is work and what is personal.
  4. Know when to contact someone. If you feel threatened and harassed online remove the person from your friend list and report them to the administrator. Sometimes there are people who just want to take advantage of you and if you let them, they will. So contact someone as soon as you are uncomfortable with the situation.


Recently a customer stopped in for pain products for their senior athlete and also their aging parent. They were very concerned with how to protect their parent and child against the negativity that can happen online. We discussed how the internet is a wonderful thing and makes our life so much easier, but it can be an evil tool for people taking advantage of you. I thought it was time to discuss how to be safe when navigating the internet highway.

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Is Your Activity Leading to Shin Splints? 3 Things to Consider

Man with shin splintsYour shins hurt and feel achy and you wonder, why do they feel so tender? Often times, athletes and workers who stand a lot or put stress on their legs forget that pain in their shins persisting over a period of time can be more than a sore leg. Many times you think your muscles are sore or tight and don’t think this pain is a big deal. However, when your shins continue to ache, it can very well be shin splints.

3 signs to pay attention to that your shin pain is possibly shin splints.

  1. Excessive Pressure on Lower Leg Muscles. Many times runners suffer from shin splints and it is due to the constant pressure and pounding their legs get from running. This excessive pressure also exists for many who are overweight as well. Sometimes this constant pressure can cause persistent leg pain and that develops into shin splints.
  2. Excessive running or walking on uneven terrain. Think you running through the trails or hills is fun? Probably so, but it can lead to shin splints if the terrain causes wear and tear on you lower leg muscles. Also if at work you stand on a hard surface like concrete your shins can also get tired of the pressure.
  3. Bad Shoes. Your running or walking shoes are expensive and you are determined to make them last. Great, but at some point you need to replace them especially if you wear them everyday. Time to put your shoes to the test and make sure they stand up to what you are putting them through. Taking care of your feet and shins with good shoes avoids a lot of pain and aggravation later.

If your shins ache and it is difficult to walk around home or work, you probably have shin splints. You need to rest. Yep, the best cure for shin splints is rest. Resting is not always easy, but if you couple it with an over-the-counter pain reliever, you can get relief usually within 2 weeks. However, if the pain persists you should consult your doctor to see if you have something more than shin splints like a stress fracture.


Last week we had a young cross-country runner stop in asking if I could fix her shin splints. I recommended our LaserTouchOne unit and rest and now she is up and running after a couple of weeks of using the LaserTouchOne and not running. Please stop and see what we can do to help you with any shin pain.

Caregivers Delight in a Lift Chair

30-lift-chair-e1406208618292-225x300No matter what your status is as a caregiver, you want to make your aging loved one feel mobile and free. Many times aging adults don’t want to be a bother and don’t know how to ask for the assistance they actually need and want.
When is comes to mobility in the home, a lift chair is a great save. Not only do you and your aging parents want to have mobility and freedom, but also they want to do if safely.  A lift chair can take the burden off the caregiver and give the aging adult the freedom to move about without assistance for every move to and from the kitchen, bathroom, or living area.

3 things a lift chair can do for caregivers:

  1. Provide Safety. Too many accidents result from a patient falling when trying to sit or stand up. Very slight missteps can have devastating effects on the physical and mental health of the patient.  A recent national study shows 54% of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), reported having injuries by simply helping their patients rise or sit in a chair. Trying to help a patient from a sitting or laying position to stand up can be challenging for both the patient and the caregiver. It is not easy moving someone who is mobility-impaired.
  2. Save Time. When you are not constantly trying to move your loved one from sitting to standing and visa versa, you can spend more time visiting or doing other daily chores that can be helpful. It frees up time to actually do more things that will make their life more rewarding and not a constant battle of, “Help me, I need to go here or there.” It really helps create more time to actually communicate on something besides sitting and standing.
  3. Independence. Nothing like having your independence yanked away as you age! When you invest in a lift chair your loved one can do some of the daily tasks that they really want to do by themselves and not burden their adult children or spouses. They want to keep some sense of being able to get up and move by themselves.

So when you are trying to help your aging parents keep independence and have some mobility at home, maybe it is time to look at a lift chair to ease the burden of the caregiver and the aging adult.

Just recently we had an adult daughter trying to find a way to help her mother get up and about around the house. Her mother just wanted some privacy and the ability to move around on her own without help. However, she was troubled with getting in and out of chairs. We recommended one of our new lift chairs and she loved it. Not only did her mother like it, but also she came back and got another one for her dad. Lift chairs are safe and easy to use to allow your aging parents to keep some independence and move around on their own. Stop by and see our new and latest models.

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Why do you buy locally? 5 Reasons to support it

Shop local bagWhen it comes to services where do you look? How do you decide who and where to buy from? Many times people don’t even know what businesses live right outside their door and down the street. However, when you learn about your neighbor’s business, it feels right to keep the spending dollars in the local economy.

There are many reasons you should buy locally, and the common top 5 reasons are here:

  1. Keeps Your Community Unique. There is nothing better than to be traveling and tell someone where you are from, and they identify your community with a small business. It is refreshing when others recognize the hard work of small businesses and how they contribute to the charm and distinctiveness of a community. Why not keep the business prosperous and invest your dollars with that company? If you need their product, make a choice to buy from them. You are not only getting your product, but also investing in the company and community. Be a partner in building the character and the reputation of your local town.
  2. Support your local economy.  Local businesses owned by people in the community are less likely to leave, and they will help build your community to become more prosperous over generations. Why not continue to support the business and satisfy your needs simultaneously. Investing locally is a win-win for you, the business, and ultimately the town.
  3. Better service. When you shop locally, you work with people who understand the product and the target market-YOU. They take time to sell you what you need and assist you if you need help or don’t understand something with the product. They become an extension of your community family and you are treated as such.
  4. Reduce environmental impact.  By buying locally, you are using fewer resources (gas and time) than going to a city to buy what you need. Therefore, you are saving the environment by reducing pollution and keeping the living costs down. Why not shop locally and help keep the environment clean and safe for the next generation.
  5. Create more good jobs.  Small to medium local business are the biggest employers nationally and provide great opportunities for local residents to have a job that fits their needs financially and helps provide a service to other residents. What a great way to build the future of your local community by employing local people.

Needless to say, there are many reasons to buy locally and support your local economy.


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Not only do we offer products to assist aging adults, but we also offer products to help with pain in athletes and workers who have strained muscles. The opportunity to buy locally to help your athlete or worker is fantastic. We can help you find the right product to heal your pain. New Visions is a family business that wants to serve you and help your family feel great.

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Your Senior Wants to Avoid Taking a Shower, What?

Senior in bathtubMany times elderly are accused of not wanting to practice good hygiene. Often they are simply terrified of falling in the shower, and this is the reason, seniors avoid bathing and the dreaded shower. How can you help your loved one, and still let them maintain their independence and pride?

 3 Simple Rules to Help You Now:

  1. Keep Path Clean and Dry. One of the biggest reasons seniors fear the bathroom and taking a shower is getting to the shower without tripping on a rug or cord, or slipping on a wet floor. Nothing worse than tensing up trying to step into a shower and trying not to fall. Sometimes the senior may successfully get in the shower, but don’t really move around. They may stand perfectly still, so they do not step wrong and fall.
  1. Have Modifications to Shower. Do you need a medical seat or a built in seat? How about some grab bars for balance? These are all modifications to your shower that can make the shower experience for a senior less intimidating. Either or both devices help the senior relax and take a shower. You can eliminate some of the fear and anxiety of falling, if they have either one for balance and safety.
  1. Practice Patience.  Sometimes a senior will allow family to help them, but more common than not, they do not want anyone seeing them in the buff. How do you assure them you are not rushing and are available to help or wait? Approach the subject gently and ask what they want. What will make them comfortable, and how can you help. Your help may simply consist of getting the water started and putting a medical seat in the shower, or you could be help them undressing and washing part of their body. It is totally up to them, but you have to be patient, and it will go much smoother.

Bottom line is when helping a senior shower or get into the shower, let them know you are not looking, judging, or rushing. You are just there for safety. You need to provide a positive reinforcement, so they are not fearful of the shower, but relaxed and ready to scrub.

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It Never Fails the Rules Change! Lift Chairs and Medicare…Do You Know the Rules Now?

Older woman with TV remoteIt is very possible to get part of your money back when you purchase a lift chair. To qualify you must have Medicare Part B coverage and meet specific medical coverage criteria.

However what you must know is that Medicare does not cover the whole chair purchase under the Medicare Part B. All that is actually covered is the seat lifting mechanism. This is the device built into the lift chair, which functions to raise and lower the chair, enabling you to get in and out of the chair more easily.  Medicare will only cover seat lift mechanisms that allow the chair to be operated in a smooth and steady fashion.

Now the tricky part is the rate of reimbursement varies from state to state and Medicare Part B only covers 80% of the seat lift mechanism cost. This may vary anywhere from $267.50 to $333.34 depending on the state you reside.  You will be responsible to pay any deductible amounts or co-pays as well as the additional cost of the lift chair.

Requirements for Reimbursements

  • The Insured must suffer from severe arthritis of the hip or knee, or some other type of neuromuscular disease that impairs the ability to stand on their own.
  • The Insured must be able to use and operate the lift chair independently and once upright, they must be able to stand and walk without the assistance of a caretaker.
  • A Doctor’s Prescription is necessary to receive Medicare reimbursement for any type of durable medical equipment. The lift chair must be part of a prescribed treatment to ensure that the patient’s condition does not get worse. *NOTE: This means the patient must be seen by a doctor and documented that the patient needs the chair.
  • A Certificate of Medical Necessity is simply a more detailed prescription that must be filled out by a physician and is required to receive coverage for a lift chair.

Now the real skinny on the deal is that just because you get a prescription saying you need a lift chair, does not mean Medicare will cover the cost of the lift seat mechanism.  You need a Medicare approved provider to answer your questions and guide you through the qualifications of getting a lift chair. Don’t be misled by bad information.  The lift chair must be purchased from a Medicare approved provider with a supplier number. This fact is clearly stated in the Medicare Guidelines.  Medicare will not pay the claim if the supplier does not have a number, even if it is from a furniture store.

Now you must have the approved Medicare provider submit the claim for you and law requires this procedure. They cannot submit the claim until the chair is delivered to your home. Medicare will not consider the claim if you are in a nursing home.

The downside, there is not guarantees that you will get a reimbursement, but if you work with your Medicare provider, and you qualify, you just might.

 Thinking about getting a lift chair for your loved one? Stop in and we will help and you can see if you qualify for reimbursement with Medicare part B. We are also offering $50.00 off a lift chair for the month of May!