On Your Feet All Day Long? Let Us Help Relieve the Pain!

Do you work on your feet for over 6 hours a day? Did you know that doing so can have negative effects on your body, particularly the oxygen flow to your legs? Luckily, compression socks can help diminish the side effects.

Compression socks help to improve blood flow to your legs. In particular, they work to gently squeeze your legs in order to properly move blood flow through and up your legs. Not only does this help to reduce swelling in your legs and feet, but it also works to prevent dangerous blood clots that could occur.

Who Should Invest in Compression Socks

If you have any of the following issues and/or symptoms, you should consider investing in a few pairs of compression socks:

  • Working on your feet long (6+) hours at a time
  • Individuals who suffer from varicose veins, spider veins, or who have just had surgery
  • Achiness or heaviness in legs when on them for long periods of time
  • Swelling in legs
  • Blood clots, or post-surgery individuals


Stockings for Every Individual

Your compression socks can be personalized to fit both your needs AND your personality. These stockings come in various:

  • Colors
  • Lengths, from crew length to the top of the knee
  • Pressures, from strong pressure to lighter pressure

Compression socks can help you live a better life by offering increased oxygen delivery, decreased lactic acid, prevention of muscle cramps, and minimized muscle fatigue.

Get your own pair of personalized compression socks today by stopping in to visit us or giving us a call at 419.679.4979 today!

6 Benefits of Compression Socks for Nurses, Athletes and Travelers

Many people either find themselves asking, “Should I be wearing compression socks?” or have no idea that compression socks could benefit them. If you suffer from various leg and foot issues (such as swelling, varicose veins, Peripheral edema, and many other common diseases), or are on your feet for long periods at a time, then compression socks may be the right fit for you!

Benefits of Compression Socks

Compression socks are often overlooked for use; however, the benefits they provide for individuals such as athletes, travelers, nurses, factory workers, or those in sales are endless.

For example, compression socks offer:

  1. Prevention of varicose veins
  2. Improved blood flow and reduced risk of blood clots
  3. Reduction in fatigue and pain
  4. Better circulation
  5. Decreased swelling of ankles and feet
  6. General coolness to legs

We highly recommend compression socks to the following 3 groups of people in both the younger and older generations:

  1. Nurses and other workers who are on their feet all day – When spending so much time on your feet throughout the day, the constant standing can cause you to experience traumatic leg and foot pain, even after your shift is over. Over time, this can lead to the development of unattractive varicose veins and/or spider veins. We advise wearing compression socks as early as possible in order to prevent problems in the future.
  2. Travelers – Sitting in a car and/or plane for long period of time when traveling can make you extremely uncomfortable, and even cause blood clots to form in your legs because of the lack of movement. If you are traveling for 8 to 10 hours at a time and there aren’t many chances to pull off the road and walk around, blood clots could form and have devastating medical consequences.
  3. Athletes – We all know that athletes push themselves as hard as they can, often resulting in a great deal of fatigue on their muscles. As a result of this, lactic acid can build up in the muscles, causing excessive soreness. Compression socks can help increase blood flow and bring fresh oxygen to the muscles, offering a much quicker muscle recovery after games or practice. Compression socks also have the ability to help prevent shin splints.

Nurses, athletes, and travelers are just three groups who can benefit from wearing compression socks–to help keep their legs healthy, pain-free, and even stylish, thanks to the various new patterns that are offered!

Did you know that New Visions Medical Equipment sells compression socks in both basic and fun patterns? To try your first pair of compression socks, stop in or give us a call at 419.678.4979 today!

knee injury

Ask Sarah: How to Avoid Knee Injuries with Summer and Fall Activities

Dear Sarah,

My daughter is entering her sophomore year of high school and last year during one of her summer training camps, I was unfortunate enough to watch her friend experience her first ACL tear injury. Watching my daughter’s friend and teammate go through this emotional rollercoaster both physically and mentally has made me very fearful for my daughter. I do not want to see her get hurt and have to go through the same hardships and struggles that sometimes go along with sports-related injuries. Do you have any advice on how my daughter (and her teammates) can avoid developing serious injuries as they finish up their summer training camps and head into fall sporting events?

Thanks for your help.

Lisa -Coldwater, OH


Hi Lisa-

I am sorry to hear that your daughter’s friend had to go through the, as you said perfectly, emotional roller coaster of dealing with a sports-related injury. This is never an easy feat to overcome. Luckily, there are several ways to strengthen your muscles and lower your risks of developing a sports-related injury, which is so important with the summer camps and upcoming fall sporting events.

  1. Stay hydrated. Over half of your body is made up of water. That is why it is vital you continue to replenish your body. Good hydration will allow your muscles to continue to work efficiently and avoid secondary problems. Dehydrated muscles do not work as efficiently, which makes it more likely to cramp up or pull a muscle.
  2. Wear the proper equipment. One of the most effective ways to prevent injury is to make sure you are wearing proper foot attire. Before joining a sport, research what the right type of shoe is for that sport and purchase accordingly to reduce pain. If you have flat feet, make sure you look into specialized shoes to offer the proper support. Trips, slips and falls are the most commonly reported causes of injury, so make sure you have the proper footwear to prevent injuries at all costs.
  3. Be mindful and listen to your body. It is highly important that you know your limitations. If your body is telling you it is exhausted and needs a break, listen to it and sit out for the next 10-20 minutes. Don’t overwork yourself. Likewise, if you are experiencing even the slightest amount of pain or soreness in your muscles, ice the area as often as possible.
  4. Prepare your muscles. If you know there are certain muscles that need to be stronger for the sport you are getting into, make sure you try your best to build the target muscles ahead of time. This can help to improve performance and prevent injury. It can also allow your muscles to be prepared for the intensity of training camps, fall sports, etc., ahead of time.
  5. Be familiar with your surroundings and stay alert. Pay attention to the area and people around you at all times. Do not train with headphones; you need to be able to be cognizant of what’s going on around you at all times. If you are running down the country road, it is vital that you are able to hear whether or not a car is coming up behind you. Likewise, pay attention to your surroundings to prevent tripping, get out of the water if you see lightning (if you are swimming), etc.
  6. Warm up and cool down. Never, ever skip a warm-up or cool-down session. These two important sessions help prepare you both physiologically and mentally, reducing the chance of joint and/or muscle injury. Let your warm-up and cool-down intensity cause perspiration, but not fatigue. Good examples of warm-up and cool-down activities include walking or jogging, biking, stretching, and much more.


Lisa, I hope these tips help your daughter to prevent injuries this year. Please feel free to share this information with her entire team in order to prevent injuries amongst everyone. If you have any further questions on how to prevent sports related injuries, or what products we offer that can help as well, please feel free to give us a call at 419.678.4979 or visit our products page today!

Enjoy your time watching your daughter play sports this summer and fall!

Sarah at New Visions

Ask Sarah Headshot

Check Out Our New Line of Therapeutic Shoes to Help Keep You Active!

You may find yourself asking, “What are therapeutic shoes and why should I even consider them?” Therapeutic shoes are intended to reduce the risk of skin breakdown in diabetics with co-existing foot disease. The primary goal of these shoes is to prevent complications such as strain, ulcers, calluses and/or even amputations for those with poor circulation or diabetes. Therapeutic shoes offer a multitude of benefits to help you to avoid foot injuries and improve your mobility today!

Top 4 Benefits of Therapeutic Shoes

  1. They provide both support and comfort wear. Often therapeutic shoes and inserts can be tailored to decreased pain as well as many foot-related conditions such as plantar fasciitis, diabetic neuropathy and bunions.
  2. Approximately 60%-70% of diabetics have peripheral neuropathy which is often felt as pain, tingling or numbness. With therapeutic shoes, you can often decrease the pain and nerve sensation in a short period of time.
  3. Therapeutic shoes offer excellent stability, giving your feet the proper support that they need. The extra stability will help distribute the weight of your body throughout the entire foot to decrease pain and tension.
  4. The often seamless design of therapeutic shoes helps prevent irritation to sensitive areas on your feet. They also have the ability to prevent foot ulcers by increasing overall circulation to the feet.

Be proactive and talk to your doctor today about how you can work to prevent diabetic foot disease with the use of therapeutic shoes.

Head on over to New Visions Medical Equipment and check out our BRAND NEW line of therapeutic shoes today! Talk to Karla, a Certified Therapeutic Shoe Fitter, and get a $10.00 gift certificate to use at Specialty Shoes and More- located inside of New Visions! Or if you would like to discuss how therapeutic shoes can further assist you, feel free to give Karla a call at 419.852.3121 or email her at specialtyshoesandmore@hotmail.com.

P.S. We even have therapeutic socks to try with your shoes. Hurry in today!

Intergenerational Vacations Can Be Fun!

You’ve decided it is time for a family vacation and you want to take everyone (including your mom and dad) on the trip. But how do you begin the planning to make it fun for your children and your parents? Here are some quick tips to make vacationing with your parents both fun and easy!

4 Tips for Family Fun on Vacation


  1. Remember there are laws that assist you.

When you are traveling, remember that the American Disabilities Act requires that you get assistance when you are traveling with parents or kids with special needs. This includes access to ALL facilities you travel to and free wheelchairs upon arrival to your destination. However, you can travel with your own mobility device and that is just as easy. Remember to follow all directions to keep your mobility device in top condition when traveling.


  1. Consider hiring a health care aid.

Depending on your budget, you can hire a health care specialist to help eliminate stress while you are vacationing. This is a great way to make sure you have extra hands and eyes on your aging parents so you can be attentive to their needs and make sure everyone is enjoying the vacation together.


  1. Trip insurance can be helpful.

Intergenerational trips can be a blast for everyone, but don’t get caught up in the anxiety that plans could change. Do your due diligence with research about trip insurance in case there is an emergency and the travel plans change. Also look at healthcare insurance for traveling. There are many options and your current plan might have travel insurance as well. Having proper insurance when you travel alleviates a lot of headaches and makes the trip more enjoyable for everyone.


  1. Communication makes the day fun!

The goal of a family trip is to make sure everyone enjoys the trip and each other. This means you need to communicate honestly with your parents about their limitations and what they feel comfortable doing. Having the conversation before the trip is best so no one is put on the spot or feels bad if they cannot participate in an activity.


Creating a trip this summer with your parents and kids can be a fun experience and create many long-lasting memories. With proper planning you can make sure mom and dad can get around and enjoy the tip with you and their grandchildren!


Are you looking for mobility devices to help make your intergenerational vacation more care free and easy? We can help! Give us a call at 419.678.4979 or stop in to New Visions Medical Equipment today!

Save BIG at New Visions’ Exclusive Get Up and Go Event!

Whether you are a senior using a scooter or power chair to get around and keep up with your exciting and active lifestyle or a young athlete looking for sports and pain management products—or even someone in between—the Get Up and Go event is right for you! Welcoming individuals of all ages, this event won’t disappoint! Food, fun, prizes, savings and nice weather—what more could a person want?!

Event Details

This event will be hosted by yours truly at our store: New Visions Medical Equipment, located in Coldwater, Ohio.

  • Who? YOU! This exclusive event is open to the general public and we invite those in all stages of life. Come one, come all!
  • What? Get Up and Go Event featuring food, fun and prizes! See below for details.
  • Where? New Visions Medical Equipment
    4108 State Route 118
    Coldwater, OH 45828
  • When? Saturday, June 13th
    9 AM to 1 PM

The Perks

  • $100 off all new scooters
  • FREE spring cleanings and diagnostic checks for current scooters or mobility devices
    • This includes cleaning, battery checks, making sure the tires are properly inflated, and overall inspection to make sure the mobility device is in proper working order)
  • FREE food (hot dogs, chips, homemade cookies and drinks)
  • Door prizes
    • Mobility accessories (cup holders and accessory bags)
    • Automatic blood pressure monitor
    • T-shirts
    • Bio-Freeze
    • Inspirational wall art
    • Visa gift cards
    • More prizes arriving daily!

Grand opening and a new product!

See what’s NEW at New Visions! Specialty Shoes & More will be celebrating their Grand Opening during our event! Located inside of New Visions, Specialty Shoes & More offers therapeutic shoes for diabetics, plantar fasciitis and much more! Stop by and talk to Karla, a certified therapeutic shoe fitter, and receive a $10 gift certificate to use towards Specialty Shoes & More!

At New Visions, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of mobility, bath safety and pain management products for individuals at all stages of life. To learn more about our event and how it can benefit you, please email info@newvisionsmedical.com or give us a call us at 419.678.4979.

Superfoods to Keep You Healthy

As you age, you want to make sure you are keeping your overall health at the top of your list of things to do, and that starts with focusing on feeding your body the proper vitamins and nutrients to keep it in tip-top shape. Below we discuss the top 5 superfoods you should be eating.


5 Superfoods for Optimal Health as You Age

  1. Avocado This yummy item is filled with lots of nutrients and healthy fats, including Omega-6, folate, omega-3, potassium and vitamin B6. Not only does this super fruit lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, but it also aids in fighting against cancer.
  2. Pomegranate Looking to reduce joint pain, fight viruses, prevent strokes or do all three?! Look no further! Pomegranates are very advantageous in helping you build a healthier lifestyle. With fiber, folate, potassium and vitamins C and K, you can’t go wrong!
  3. Blueberries Keep your vision top-notch with this healthy superfood. Filled with manganese, lots of fiber, vitamins C and K, and anthocyanin, blueberries are powerful agents in protecting your heart, benefiting eyesight and memory, and even helping combat cancer and diabetes!
  4. Salmon Build muscle (which will keep you lean and strong)! This superhero food will also help you avoid obesity, reduce inflammation and pain and combat autoimmune disorders. Need more Vitamin B3, B12 and D, and omega-3 in your life? Salmon is your answer! Pair it with ginger–which contains multiple anti-inflammatory properties–to amplify pain relief and provide for a delicious meal!
  5. Soy and flaxseed. One of the most important organs you should be taking care of as you age is your heart. If you want to pack “double punches” when it comes to heart protection, be sure to incorporate plenty of soy and flaxseed into your daily diet routine. For example, drink soy milk, eat edamame, tofu, and other soy-based products to lower cholesterol and increase the amount of heart healthy fiber in your body! In addition, these heart healthy superfoods provide plenty of fiber and omega-3’s to reduce your risk of heart disease tremendously. Add flaxseed to almost any recipe (without being able to tell) for a multitude of added benefits!


You only get one body, so it’s important that you keep it healthy and protect it as you age. Eating more of this good stuff and cutting out junk foods can not only prevent cancer and protect your heart, but did you know that it can even help you to extend your lifespan? Who doesn’t want more time to spend being active with their grandkids?! Always remember, what you eat not only affects the way you look on the outside, but it also affects the way you look on the inside. You are what you eat, so treat your body the way it should be treated!


Eating right is a great start to reducing pain, but if you are already experiencing excruciating pain, maybe it’s time to explore other options. Check out our products page, or give us a call us at 419.678.4979 to discover how New Visions Medical can help you fight pain and start living a more active, independent and healthy lifestyle.









4 Ways to Keep Your Back Healthy

Not only do we want to be able to fix back pain when it occurs, but ideally, we want to PREVENT back pain from occurring at all. Although some back pain can be attributed to acts of trauma—such as a car accident or a severe fall—most is due to everyday activities that are done incorrectly (without you even realizing it, I’m sure!). These everyday activities can include things such as vacuuming, bending over to pick something up or even simply carrying shopping bags.

Tips to Keep Your Back Healthy

  1. Check Your Posture. Working at a desk for 7-8 hours a day, or slouching over your computer or even your cell phone when you’re texting (we all do it!) is extremely damaging to your back and could cause future back pain. If you must sit for a long period of time, be sure to have a comfortable chair that will allow you to sit with your shoulders back and refrain from slouching. Be sure to break up the long periods of time in front of a computer or other screen by participating in stretching exercises for 5-10 minutes every hour, helping you to maintain the natural curves of your back.
  2. Get Out and Exercise. Daily. I’m sure you’ve been told time and time again about the importance of exercising. And there is merit behind the recommendations to exercise daily. It’s important because not only does exercise help keep your weight down, but it also prevents back pain. Being overweight and suffering from back pain go hand in hand—extra weight, particularly around your midsection, can put a great deal of added strain on your back. Likewise, if you aren’t in “good” shape, you are far more likely to hurt yourself when participating in simple daily activities. Your muscles are meant to move, so get out there and exercise! You can record your daily exercise, and find daily motivation, on any of these 6 apps here.
  3. Quit Smoking. I’m sure you know that smoking raises your risk of heart disease and cancer (specifically lung and colon); however, it is also extremely harmful to your back. Studies show that smoking reduces the blood supply to the discs between the vertebra, causing those discs to begin to deteriorate. Smoking also causes the blood vessels to narrow, which can result in reduced oxygen and nutrients to your spine. Why is this bad? Reduced oxygen and nutrients means you will be more susceptible to injury, and if you are injured, your body will take much longer to heal.
  4. Rest Well. For starters, choose a mattress that is suited to factors such as your height, weight, age and other necessary comfort levels. But getting the proper mattress is only half of the battle: try making a cognizant effort to sleep sideways rather than on your back or stomach. If you must sleep on your stomach, place a pillow under your lower abdomen to reduce the amount of stress to your back. And don’t forget, getting enough rest is always another important aspect of maintaining overall good health!


A few other tips for good measure: always bend your knees and hips rather than your back, lift and carry objects close to your body, sit with feet flat on the floor and, lastly, when sitting, use a chair with a backrest (feet flat on the floor), changing how you sit every few minutes.

Are you already experiencing back pain and looking for pain relief products? Check out our products page or give us a call at 419.678.4979 for more information!

6 Yoga Poses to Relieve Pain from Sports and Injuries

There’s a good chance that you have heard about some of the benefits of participating in yoga: increasing your fitness and relaxation levels and curing numerous medical conditions, just to name a couple. While yoga cannot cure ALL medical conditions, it does offer a multitude of relief for musculoskeletal issues and pain, as well as improving flexibility, strength, posture and balance, which can aid in the prevention of sports-related injuries. To stay healthy, active and engaged in sports, athletes must use proper methods for preventing overuse injuries and ensure longevity. Here are 6 poses to increase strength and relieve any pain caused from sports injuries:

6 Yoga Poses to Relieve Pain

  1. Cobra (Back pain). Lie face-down on the ground with your forehead resting on the floor and hands on either side at the middle of your ribcage. Bring your legs together, pressing the tops of your feet into the floor. Reach back through your toes, lengthening your legs, and slowly draw your elbows close to your ribcage. Using your back strength, lift your head and chest. Take 5 to 10 deep breaths and gently release back to the floor.
  2. Wall Plank (Elbow and shoulder pain). Stand and face the wall with your feet hip-width apart. Place your hands on the wall with your arms extended and slowly lean forward. Let your body rest on your hands while keeping your arms and body in a straight line, slowly bending your elbows and inching closer and closer. When you start to feel discomfort, slowly push back to standing.
  3. Rear Arm Lift with Strap (Shoulder pain). Standing, set your feet hip-width apart. While holding the strap in one hand, place both arms behind your back, pulling your shoulders in to grasp the strap with both hands. Make sure this is in a COMFORTABLE position for you. Slowly bring your hands toward each other, opening up the chest as your shoulder blades move toward one another. Also, be sure to breathe as you continue to adjust your shoulders.
  4. Butterfly (Hip pain). Sitting on the floor, bring both soles of your feet together, keeping the knees wide so that your legs form a diamond-like shape. Slowly drop the weight of your legs while keeping your back straight and shoulders relaxed. Breathe deeply.
  5. Supported Warrior (Knee pain). Standing, lay your hands on the wall at shoulder height. Push your right foot forward so the toes are touching the wall. Bend your elbows as if you’re trying to push the wall out of your way. Keeping this same position, step your left foot a few steps behind you, slightly bending the (left) knee to the floor. Hold for 15 counts. Then, slowly straighten the left leg and bend the right knee. Switch leg positions and repeat.
  6. Standing Forward Bend, Variation (Hamstrings). Standing, cross your right ankle over your left. Bend your knees slightly and fold forward, placing your hands on the floor in front of you. If you cannot reach the floor, place a chair or block in front of you to lay your hands on. Reach your “sitting bones” toward the ceiling, moving your ribs away from your pelvis in order to keep your back from rounding. Hold for 30-60 seconds, then repeat, placing your left ankle over your right.

We hope these 6 simple exercises help get you on the road to recover with your sports injuries. Be sure to check out the yogajournal for more information on yoga poses and how they can prevent or relieve pain. And also, always remember to consult with your doctor before trying a new exercise program.

For optimal results in relieving sports related injuries, or any injuries for that matter, be sure to pair these exercises with the appropriate pain management product. Have questions about which product is right for you? Give us a call at 419.678.4979 and we would be happy to help!







6 Apps That Can Help Keep You Active and Healthy

We know how busy and exhausting life can get sometimes, making it hard to keep one of the most important aspects of life [your health] on track. This is why we have decided to pull together the 6 best apps to help you keep an active and healthy lifestyle.

  1. My Fitness Pal [FREE] – This is one of the most common and widely used health and fitness apps on the market. The app allows you to quickly and accurately track your intake of calories, the number of calories burned through exercise and also delivers progress updates to and from your network of friends. Have a Fitbit you are using to track your steps and calories burned? Sync the Fitbit app (which comes in ranking no. 2 in Apple’s “Top Free Apps –Health and Fitness” genre) and My Fitness Pal app for FREE and take your health and fitness to a whole new level!
  2. Fooducate [FREE] – With 20,082 iOS downloads in June, Fooducate is also another food tracker, yet this tracking goes far beyond just calories. Not only does the app allow you to scan barcodes on food and see a “nutrition grade,” but it will also suggest a healthier alternative to the food you are planning to eat if your item gets a bad grade! Likewise, the app provides daily tips on how to choose healthier food items, navigate through holiday meals and much, much more. With an app like this, who needs a nutritionist!?
  3. Lose It! [FREE] – The results of LoseIt! users speak for themselves. Altogether, users of this app have lost just shy of 39 million (yes, MILLION) pounds, and it appears that number is continuously increasing. Stop the fad diets and “magic pills” and start losing weight the healthy, sustainable way with the Lose It! Fitness app.
  4. Fitness Buddy [$1.00] – Do you find yourself getting tired of doing the same workout routine over and over again? The Fitness Buddy app can solve that problem! With over 1000 workouts to choose from, you never have to repeat an exercise unless you really love it!. Trying to get stronger back muscles? No problem! With the Fitness Buddy app you are able to choose specific areas of your body that you would like to target, and the app will provide a tailored workout for you.
  5. Noom Weight [FREE] – “Noom’s scientifically based software helps people live healthier lives.” And that is exactly what the Noom Weight app does with its online coaching regimen. The app’s technology helps to break bad habits and instill better ones by leading its users down a path toward improved nutrition and increased exercise through the use of coaching as you log your diet, as well as allowing access to a group of users for more support.
  6. Fitnet [FREE] – Do you want to be one of the thousands of people worldwide who are realizing and achieving their fitness goals with Fitnet? The Fitnet app is said to be perfect for people lacking time, experience or motivation to workout. Its intuitive and addictive design will keep you constantly coming back for more workouts! The app offers intelligent, real-time feedback so that you are able to get the most out of your workout by analyzing your synchronicity with the trainer you are working with for the day. Not only are the trainers they provide you certified, but they are FREE! Fitnet is a great option for users who want to either want to get started with fitness or get back on track.

Whatever your activity level –advanced, moderate or beginner—each of these apps are able to adjust to YOUR level of experience. It is time to focus on YOU. Start today!

We hope these tips help you get started on the path of creating a healthier and more active lifestyle for a better YOU! If you shy away from exercise because you experience pain when doing so, visit our pain management products page and give us a call at 419.678.4979 today. We would be happy to help you find the best product to relieve your pain.