5 Signs Your Back Pain Needs Attention–NOW

Older man with back painHow many times do you wake up in the morning and feel an ache in your back? You think: What did I do?  Did I sleep wrong?  Why does this ache feel so intense?  Often times pain is something that goes away once you start moving; however, many times it is a sign there is something wrong, and it needs addressed.

How do you know the pain is more that just a muscle strain or ache?   Here are 5 signs to alert you something more is wrong.

  1. Persistent Pain. If the pain keeps you up all night and never lets up, there is a bigger issue. Usually pain subsides when you rest. The pain is probably not life threatening, but nonetheless needs medical attention. If you by chance have a fever, that could be a sign the pain is from an infection and definitely needs medical attention quickly.
  2. You’re Over 50 or Have a History of Cancer. The body changes as we age, and if you have persistent back pain and you are over 50, it is time to see a medical professional to check it out. It doesn’t hurt to get reassurance you are doing fine or to know if you are not. Also if you have had cancer, you need to consult your doctor as soon as you can.
  3. You Had a Fall or Traumatic Incident. If you had a recent fall, accident, or blow and you have back pain, it might have been caused by the incident. The impact of a fall may be fine at the time and you walk away, but now later you feel stiff, and it aches nonstop. This can be a problem and especially if you are over 50, merits a visit to the doctor.
  4. If You Are Having Bowel or Bladder Issues. Back pain with bowel or bladder issues can be a sign that you have Cauda Equine Syndrome, which is a type of back pain that signifies a medical emergency.
  5. Pain is Shooting Down Your Leg. Shooting pain down your leg can be a sign that you have sciatica and this is caused by damage to one or more spinal structures, which puts pressure on the nerve and irritates the nerve. Each nerve is responsible for movement and sensations to specific areas of the body. So if the nerve is irritated, it usually results in a herniated disk and the result is sciatica.

So maybe next time you wake up and your back is sore, you should think, “Why?” Then if it persists seek medical attention. However, if the back pain is just some muscle soreness from working or exercise the day before, stop by New Visions and see our line of pain relief remedies. We offer FREE demonstrations and have the best price in the area!

How do you relieve back pain?

Lions, Tigers, and nagging Plantar Fasciitis! Oh My!

Senior with foot painI am sure that “Oh My!” is not strong enough expression of feeling when it comes to pain for people suffering from plantar fasciitis. It is a terrible aching and sometimes-acute pain in the arch of the foot. This pain stems from inflammation of the plantar fascia, which is connective tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot.  Let’s face it, when our feet start to hurt, we are not happy. How do you get this, and a better question would be, how do you get rid of it?

 Here are 6 Tips to help alleviate the pain:

  1. Stretching before you get out of bed. Sometimes the first steps out of bed are the worst and can create immense pain in the foot if we don’t stretch. Before you jump out of bed, do some calf stretches. When you tighten the calf muscle, you pull on the heel bone, and it makes your plantar fascia very taut and prone to injury. You can simply take a towel or belt and loop around your foot and pull gently to stretch the foot. Then you hold that stretch for 30 seconds and repeat a few times to build strength and avoid further injury.
  2. Plantar fascia stretch. You need to keep tendons and muscles loose and keep them stretched in your foot. An easy stretch is to just grab your foot with your hand and pull it toward you. Hold the stretch and do a it a few times to really loosen up your foot to avoid plantar fasciitis.
  3. Calf stretching. It may sound silly, especially to runners who “say” they stretch all the time, but you need to do calf stretches. Simply put your hands on a chair or wall and stretch one leg back to really stretch the calf and the muscles that attach to the foot. After you hold that stretch bend your knee for a deeper stretch. It will feel amazing on tight feet and calves.
  4. Massage.  Does a great massage sound wonderful? I think so! However you don’t need a professional therapist massage your foot, you can do it yourself with a tennis ball or golf ball. It is as simply as running your foot back and forth along the ball to stretch the muscle and help get rid of the pain.
  5. Ice massage.  Another method for relief is an iced massage. You can take a frozen ball or frozen water bottle and run it back and forth along your foot for alleviating swelling, pain, and tension in your foot. It is worth doing for 10 minutes a day to get the best relief.
  6. LaserTouchOne. Finally, if you want immediate relief and can get your hands on a LaserTouchOne, it works wonders. Within just a few treatments your foot feels like new again. It really is worth the try. 

For example, I had been having some flare-ups with Plantar Fasciitis in my foot the past few days.  I used my Laser on my foot and up my calf several times throughout the past few days and have found enough relief that I have been able to keep up with my exercise routine and not have to suffer through the pain in my feet–without having to take any anti-inflammatories!!

Stop by today at New Visions to try the LaserTouchOne. We offer free demonstrations of the product, and you can even rent one to try at home.  

Relieve Back Pain with 3 Easy Steps

man with back painMany people suffer from back pain and have not even had an injury. How can they deal with it? How can they avoid it? There are so many solutions to an aching back, but what is the best solution? First off, the best solution is a preventative action.

Here are 3 easy steps to help alleviate back pain:

  1. Alleviate Muscle Tension and Stress.  It may sound easy, but you need to stretch. Every morning as you get up and start the day. Stretch. Stretching for a minute or two will quickly alleviate stress and muscle tension. If you sit behind a desk all day, you will not believe the difference a quick stretch to start the day.
  1. Add Stress Relief Activities to Your Day. How do you manage stress? Do you take a few deep breaths before the stress makes you explode? Stress is one of the biggest triggers to back pain. You need to find a quick way to relax like meditation, massage, yoga, or just deep breaths to unwind the body for the day. It is so important to have a stress reliever if you want to keep your back healthy!
  1. Improve Your Posture. Think you slouch too much? It is really important to focus on correct posture to maintain a healthy back. If you are at a desk all day, you need to take a few minutes and remind yourself to sit tall, keep your shoulders back, keep a slight bend to your knees, and try to keep your feet below your knees and hips. Sounds like a process, right? Once you practice good posture, you will feel the difference in your back and your energy will increase as well.

There are many reasons we feel back pain and sometimes it is just everyday movement and not necessarily work related. For example, this past weekend I was moving a bunch of boxes from one basement to another. Needless to say, I was up and down a bunch of steps all weekend!  After we were done my back ached and was bothering me the next day.  I grabbed my LaserTouchOne and had my husband give me a couple of quick treatments over my lower back.  I had enough relief from using the laser that I didn’t need to take any pain medications!  Love my LTO!

Stop by New Visions to try the LaserTouchOne. We offer free demonstrations for your relief.


5 Signs Knee Pain is Interrupting Your Daily Living

Person holding knee from painMany times we ignore knee pain and think it is just part of aging. Or maybe we did too much the day before that caused stress on the knee joint. However, knee pain can lead to arthritis and over time that arthritis can cause loss of mobility. How do you know when to address pain? What are signs – regardless of your age – you should look for?

5 Signs Your Knees are Not Healthy

  1. Changes in Pain.

    If you are waking up and feeling soreness in your knee, maybe there is a problem. After a night’s rest you should feel refreshed, not tangled and sore. A sure sign there is a problem is waking up day after day with joint soreness in your knees.

  2. Changes in Appearance.

    If you are seeing redness, swelling, and your knee feels tender to the touch, there is a problem. This could lead to arthritis and needs to be addressed immediately. Especially after an injury this needs to be checked. Nothing worse than sore knees that seem to be better until you do something, and then they are red and swollen immediately after the activity.

  3. Losing Your Range of Motion.

    Finding it difficult to perform daily tasks that used to be easy? How do you adjust? Sometimes we compensate for knee pain and don’t realize we have an issue. When you are losing range of motion of daily tasks, there is a problem with your knees.

  4. Deformation of the Knee Joint.

    Sometimes your knees start shifting due to age or activities you engage in on a daily basis. The knees can point toward each other and look knock-kneed or away from each other and look bow-legged. It happens, and when it does, it can cause pain in the knee joint and be a precursor to arthritis.

  5. Popping, Cracking, Locking, and Buckling.

    Is your knee a bit noisy when you bend or locks when you stand straight? Does your knee buckle when you climb a set of stairs? These are signs something is not right! It is time to get it checked out before your knees gets worse.

The above signs are warnings to you something is up, the knee is not functioning properly, and you need to get your knees examined by a physician soon. When your knees are failing or starting to make life less mobile, maybe it is time to investigate a lift chair to help with mobility and keep your independence while living.


Last week a daughter brought her elderly mother into the store shopping for a lift chair because her mom has been struggling to get up out of her old recliner ever since the arthritis in her knees was getting worse.

 The daughter could tell that her mom was having trouble and decided that it was time to invest in a new chair. We showed both of them the variety of chairs that we have on the showroom floor, and let her try each one on for size. We found the one that fit her best and was most comfortable for her. We showed her how simple it was to operate – two buttons, an up and a down. She found it very easy to use! When she was ready to get out of the chair we simply raised her up, and all she had to do was walk up out of the chair.

 She was amazed how easy it was to get up and her knees didn’t bother her when she did it! She loved it, and we were able to deliver her new chair the same day!

 Are your knees causing you trouble with mobility? It is time to check out a lift chair and make life easier. Stop by New Visions where we have many lift chairs to choose from. We’re offering $50.00 off this month! 

How to Kick Your Nagging Headache: 5 Simple Solutions

Mom with headacheToday a mother called me and said my head is pounding how can I get rid of it?

She continued on that maybe she had the flu. How many times when a headache does creep in, that we begin to wonder what did I do or not do? Did I drink enough water? Did I skip some sleep?

Many of our customers are working moms who take car of the kids, house, job, husband, school volunteering, and then themselves! This is why studies show 75% of migraine suffers are women.

Follow these 5 Quick Solutions and you can stop the headache!

1.  Make sure to Eat!  You don’t expect your car to run without fuel, so how do you expect your body to function without food? You must eat and make the choices be healthy ones to keep the body and mind going like a smooth engine.

 2.  Drink Water.  The biggest reason people get headaches is caused by dehydration. Make sure to drink plenty of water! If by chance you are drinking many caffeinated drinks, you must make sure to keep downing the water as well.

3.  Get rid of Stress! Take the road to decompression! I know many people think stress does not cause headaches. However, many people suffer from migraines or severe headaches from daily stress.  It is time to say the two-letter word-NO! You have to manage stress to keep your head in check.

4.  Sleep. Many of us think we are superman and can do one more thing. However, rest helps relax the body and the mind to be refreshed and to avoid terrible pain and headaches. Sometimes all you need is a quick power nap to regenerate your body.

 5.  Laser Treatment.  Treating a headache with the non-evasive LaserTouchOne is a great solution.


One day a woman who suffers with bad headaches came in the store in search of relief.  We demonstrated the LTO and explained that it uses low-level laser therapy and micro-current electrical stimulation to effectively stimulate healing and pain relief.

She decided to rent the LTO for a week to see if it would help her.  Throughout the course of the week, she had a couple of bad headaches and used the laser on the base of the back of her neck.  She was able to get enough pain relief from using the laser that she was able to go to work.  She told us without the laser, she didn’t think she would be able to even make it to work.  She was sold! Now she uses her LaserTouchOne anytime she develops a headache!

Stop in New Visions in Coldwater to Try the LaserTouchOne and get relief from your headache. We are offering 10% off for the month of April!


6 Ways to Manage Plantar Fasciitis

Patient foot being examinedDo you love to run or walk but can’t do what you enjoy due to the pain in your feet?

Is your first step in the morning your most painful?  Perhaps your physician has diagnosed you with Plantar Fasciitis, a painful inflammation of the tendons in the bottom of your foot.

So what are common things you can do to alleviate Plantar Fasciitis?

 Here are 6 quick, easy tips to keep you on your feet!

1.  Maintain a Healthy Weight.  Your feet hold your whole body so if you are overweight your feet are doing more than their share! Not fair, right? Studies show that overweight people have more issues with Plantar Fasciitis then those maintaining a healthy weight.

2.  Daily Stretching is a must!  Do a quick stretch before you get out of bed so that first step isn’t so painful.  Also stretching your ankle and calf muscles regularly helps to keep all your joint tendons in good shape and doing their job.

 3.  Use orthotic inserts and other foot tendon supports.  Your doctor or pharmacy can recommend additional support inserts for your shoes as well as braces and wraps applied to your foot.

 4.  Avoid shoes that exacerbate the problem.  You may have to give up your favorite flip-flops for a time period until the inflammation is under control.  Some women find wearing high heels gives relief because it puts pressure on the fore foot, and less on the arch.

 5.  ICE!  Many people keep a frozen bottle of water to roll under their foot periodically during the day.

 6.  Laser. Another option that is a best kept secret for managing Plantar Fasciitis is the LaserTouchOne. The LaserTouchOne helps eliminate pain and keep you on your feet moving!


I recently had a customer from Coldwater who had been suffering with heel & foot pain for several months. 

He finally decided to go to a podiatrist for some relief.  He was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and had to get cortisone shots, use steroids, and get custom made orthotics!  After all of that–he was still in pain!  

 He was very skeptical about the LaserTouchOne after I told him about it.  I convinced him to just let me give him a demo and then he can let me know what he thinks.  I did a couple of back-to-back 2-minute treatments on him and found that his trigger point was actually in his calves.  After he left the store, he was feeling much less pain and was very intrigued by the device.   A couple days passed, and he came back in to the store and said that his feet hadn’t felt this good in almost a year!  He was sold and had to have a LaserTouchOne!  He is now pain free and a happy owner of a LTO to stay that way!

6 Quick Tips to Treat Annoying Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hands on a computer keyboardEvery day we use our hands ­- especially at work! Can you imagine what it would be like if you could not? How would you eat? How would you work? It would become very constricting to not have your hands at your beck and call.

I work with so many people that are affected by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It can happen at any age and is triggered by repetitive daily activities.  For example typing, manufacturing, and carpentry are all examples of careers that have repetitive hand movements that can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

So how do you treat this painful ailment?

6 quick tips that seem to be on the help-me-now hit list are the following:

1.  Use a Splint: 

A splint keeps the wrists in a straight, immobile position to rest the joints that are inflamed. Typically this is something you should do for at least a month.

2.  Rest:

Yes, the old prescribed method. If it hurts, rest it! Just resting the wrists can do a world of good.

3.  Anti-inflammatories:

Your physician can prescribe anti-inflammatories, or you can use over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen. This helps with pain and swelling to calm the nerve and let you relax.

4.  Physical Therapy:

If none of the above are working, your doctor can prescribe PT or OT to help you get the joint working properly again.
5.  Cortisone Injections:

Again, this is a quick relief to reduce swelling and pain, but not always the best long term solution.

6.  Laser:

For continual non-invasive relief, LaserTouchOne is a device that eliminates pain, and it is easy to use and carry with you.

For example, earlier this week a woman who had developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from a repetitive task at work came in with both of her wrists twisted in pain. We casually introduced her to the LaserTouchOne, and she allowed us to give her a demonstration in the store. After her quick 2-minute treatment in just one wrist, she felt the relief and did not want to leave the store without a LaserTouchOne!


Stop by New Visions in Coldwater to have a free demonstration today. You will be amazed how simple and pain free you can be in minutes. We are offering 10% off LaserTouchOne for the month of April!

4 Solutions to Control Fibromyalgia

Girl with neck and shoulder painSo why do you have pain everywhere? Your joints hurt and feel miserable just walking! Chances are if you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia you are hurting all the time.

I am often asked by people who have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, what they can do to maintain their functionality and minimize their pain. Here are three things you can do to help ease the pain of Fibromyalgia and get healthy too!

1.  Exercise:

Yes I know your body hurts, and the last thing you want to do is exercise. Well studies show even with starting with 5 minutes a day, you can alleviate the pain and make your life easier. Try some new exercises like Yoga, Pilates, or swimming. They are all easier on the joints and still promote healthier lifestyle.

2.  Get your Diet in Check:

Get rid of food with additives; then add Vitamin D, Fish, and Veggies. These are all typical things you should do to keep healthy anyway. So do it. A good rule of thumb is to remove anything “white” from your diet. Typically, if it is white it is processed. Additives in processed food can act as triggers to inflammation in the joints.

3.  Add Supplements:

There are several supplements that can really help ease the pain and promote joint health. For example, magnesium helps alleviate muscle pain, weakness, and fatigue. It also helps with irritability, anxiety, sleep disorders, dizziness and nausea. There are others that can assist in eliminating or easing the pain.

4.  Use Laser for Quick Flare Ups:

LaserTouchOne is portable and easy to access and use on muscles when pain flares up. For example, a woman who suffers with Fibromyalgia came in one day with pain in her back. I showed her the LaserTouchOne and gave her a treatment. She said that it seemed to help a lot, but she wanted to think about it.

A few days later she called me from her workplace. She had another flare up of her Fibromyalgia and wanted to know if she could run over quick during her lunch break at work to get a treatment, so that she could make it through her day. She came right over, and we gave her a treatment with the LTO, and she left feeling much better and a happy owner of a LaserTouchOne!

Visit New Visions in Coldwater, OH to get a free treatment and see how it can alleviate pain quickly and effectively! We are offering 10% off the LaserTouchOne for the month of April! Stop in today!