3 Considerations to Think About Before Buying a Lift Chair

Chair New VisionsWhen you realize it is time to help mom and dad move up and down from a chair, then you need to get serious about what to look for in your investment of a lift chair in order to make their life easier to move around. How big should it be, and where are you going to put it? What does a good lift chair do? These are all frequently asked questions when trying to find that perfect chair for mom or dad.

3 Features to a Good Lift Chair

The right size. First and foremost, you need to know where this chair will live to help determine the size of the chair. You need a chair that will fit in the space of the room, and still give your loved one room to get around. Carefully consider which room this chair will live, and what size makes sense for the space. Also the style of the chair is important to many consumers.  Based on where you are putting it in your home could help determine what style of lift chair you may want or need.  For example, the size and style of a chair in your bedroom could be very different than a chair you would put in your family room.

You not only have to consider how the chair fits in the room, but also the size of the adult using the chair. Not every chair fits every person. Make sure the chair is the best for your weight, height, and needs before purchasing.

Number of Positions of the Chair. Multiple positions for a chair are important in selecting a lift chair. This is critical for seniors who will be left alone and may need the chair for not only sitting but also lying down, so they can rest without having to get up. It is also important to have a chair that can easily move from one position to the next, so the senior, whether alone or not, can maintain independence while moving about their home. For example, mom can easily get up, go to the kitchen and then sit down again without help from you. If you are investing in a chair for your parent’s comfort, you need to make sure it fits the bill for their living style and what they need to ease their daily living tasks.

Have Heat or Massage Feature. Having extra features to the chair is great in helping ease uncomfortable pain while sitting that some aging adults experience. Many chairs have heat or massage features that can be an added comfort while parents are using the chair.Heat can soothe back muscles and help the elder relax and move more freely when they get up and about. Also, the massage  feature comes in several settings that can help their shoulders, lower back, and seat. The massage feature can be adjusted to different time settings and types of massage.


When trying to purchase a lift chair for mom or dad consider the features that will make their life easier. We had an adult daughter in the store the other day looking for a lift chair for her dad. After she bought one, she came back and got one for her mom too. Her mom loved the chair and was always using dad’s chair. She decided if they each had their own, they would both be happy and able to get up and down as needed and relax in a chair that soothed their back and shoulder needs.

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My Head is Pounding! Can it be the Weather?

Woman with pain in her headFor many years, you struggle with headaches and oftentimes you cannot explain why you are getting them. The common triggers for headaches are lack of sleep, stress, and illness. However, did you ever consider the weather as a headache or migraine trigger? According to the National Headache Foundation there are 5 common weather triggers for migraine headaches.

5 Common Weather Triggers

  • Changes in barometric pressure
  • Changes in humidity
  • Changes in temperature
  • Extremely dry conditions
  • Storms

Have the above triggers kept you from performing your everyday tasks? If you answered yes to any of the above triggers, you might have weather-induced migraines. Many headache specialists believe the combination of weather conditions and neurovascular imbalances in the brain can lead to migraines.

 Scientist’s Theories

Some scientists believe that you getting headaches triggered from the weather conditions is a protective mechanism against adverse environmental stressors. Getting the headache is the body’s way of warning you to seek a safer and calmer environment. Doctors, who think you get headaches from environmental changes, back this theory.

Some people realize that migraines start when the weather changes and the barometric pressure changes. Doctors think that headaches occur with barometric pressure changes, because the pressure on the brain changes or the way the brain blocks pain changes. These factors all contribute to the onset of headaches when the weather changes.

If you feel the weather changes or pressure changes from weather affect your head, you are not alone and can take the following steps to alleviate or reduce headaches from weather changes.

 4 Steps to Alleviate or Reduce Headaches

  • Keep a journal when you headaches occur and how long it lasts will help you see a pattern when you get migraines. This process can help you determine if you have weather triggered headaches or not.
  • Monitor weather changes to avoid getting migraines. Stay inside on cold windy days to help avoid getting headaches.
  • Take migraine medication, if you take any, at the onset of a migraine. Don’t wait until you are beyond relief from pain medication.
  • Making good lifestyle choices can help you fight migraines. For example, getting enough rest, exercising regularly, eating healthy died and getting enough sleep can ease pain from headaches and help reduce how many headaches you get.

Recently we helped a young woman who was in the store ready to cry from the pain from a migraine headache. She mentioned it hurt to just blink her eyes. She is not the first client we have seen with migraines and needed relief fast. We recommended the LaserTouchOne, and a she was willing to give it a whirl. Once she felt the relief, the LaserTouchOne sold itself. She bought the LaserTouchOne  on the spot that day to ease her pain immediately.

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My Fingers Hurt Everyday! Why?

Pain shown in fingersAs we age, many times we feel tenderness in our hands, wrists, and fingers. What is happening? Oftentimes this is a sign of arthritis and you will need to get medical attention. However, how do you alleviate the pain? What are signs something is wrong, and it is not just a bruise or temporary soreness?

Symptoms of Arthritis Pain

  •             Pain in some or all your joints, fingers, and wrists
  •             Growing bony knots on your fingers or joints
  •             Numbness in fingers
  •             Swollen, red or hot joints
  •             Fingers begin to look like swollen sausages
  •             Difficulty doing everyday tasks like opening a jar or gripping a can

The above signs are symptoms to a bigger problem with your aching hands and that you might have the beginning stages of arthritis. How can you move forward and do your normal daily tasks? If you are having pain it is time to explore options to alleviate the pain.

Methods to Alleviate Arthritis Pain

There is no one way to deal with pain in your fingers, hands, and wrists, but you can try several things that will help and see what works the best for you. As always, the best medicine is to stay active as long as you can to keep your body running like a smooth machine. This is not always an easy task, but one that is forever rewarding.

  • Shoulder lifts, stretching your fingers, and rotating your wrists can be a big factor in alleviating arthritic pain.
  • Rotating your thumbs in a circular motion is also beneficial as will making a fist and stretching your hand a few times each day.
  • Keep a rigorous activity in your life. Exercising benefits your overall health everyday. Typically those with arthritis seem to have less pain with overall activity in their daily routine
  • Alternative methods of pain relief like LaserTouchOne

Recently, a customer in her middle 40s stopped by the store and stated her fingers were just sore. She mentioned that it was not all the time, and she thought she was too young to develop arthritis. However, I told her we had the LaserTouchOne to help alleviate pain, and it would be great for her fingers. She was skeptical that a device would actually make her fingers feel better. I told her to just try it for a few days at home. She finally decided okay. She took the LaserTouchOne home and was very surprised how well it helped. She came back and bought one, and it has really alleviated her finger pain. Not only has the pain subsided, but now she is more active and can do more knitting because her hands don’t hurt.


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Help! Back Pain Keeps Me Up at Night

Athlete with back painEver woke up and thought you felt you wrestled a large animal in the night? Have you had your back so sore and stiff, you retrace what you did the day before? These are common signs your back is keeping you up at night, and you need to evaluate how you sleep or prepare to sleep, to get a good night’s rest. Chances are these tips will help you alleviate back pain so you can sleep at night.

6 Tips for Alleviating Back Pain

  1. Put a pillow between your knees. A little fun fact for your back and hips. If you put a pillow between your knees, you take the pressure off your back and hips so you can rest. A very easy task with great results.
  2. Put a pillow top or egg crate top on your mattress. There are times when you change the cover on your mattress, and you are pleasantly surprised. By adding a foam egg crate to the top of your bed, you can eliminate back pain. This is not the answer for everyone, but if you are not comfortable on your mattress, then give it a shot.
  3. Keep your neck in a neutral position. By not having your neck twisted and turned awkwardly, you can relax and sleep. When your neck is not neutral, you open the door for not only neck pain, but back pain for the next day. Now is the time to invest in a pillow that eliminates the gap between your neck and back.
  4. Invest in a firm mattress. The rule in mattress purchasing is you find the firmest mattress and go down a notch or two. You don’t have to have the hardest, firmest bed, but one that is firm is best for your back. Otherwise your back gets bent and feels tired when you wake up, and you have not even started your day!
  5. Establish a routine for bed. If you are going to bed the same time, or relatively the same time each night, your body responds. Your body likes the system of a routine and muscles will relax so you can rest. A routine on bedtime helps keep your body on track and let it relax so you can sleep and not have a stiff back in the morning.
  6. Time to meditate. This is the easiest solution with great results. If you spend 5-10 minutes before bed just meditating and relaxing, you will be surprised how great your back will feel in the morning. Meditation gets a bum wrap, but it a very effective tool to keep your back and core healthy.

Tired of not getting rest at night? Maybe you should try one of the techniques above.

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Are Your Feet Healthy for the Race of Life?

Foot getting massagedMany times we forget that we need to take care of our feet, until they start hurting and then we remember.  We worry about our skin or hair, but rarely do we worry about our feet, which are pretty important to get us from one place to another. There are many ways to keep your feet healthy and ready to go when you are ready to run out the door.

3 Basic Tips for Healthy Feet

Wear Good Shoes.

What does that exactly mean? Going barefoot is not a good choice because you have absolutely no support and you open your feet up for immediate injury. The cool grass may feel amazing on your feet, but one shard of glass can keep you from wearing your favorite shoes for a long time. However, when wearing heals or stylish shoes make sure they are comfortable and you can actually walk in them. You would hate to get tendonitis in your feet because your goal was wearing shoes that look good, but kill your toes and feet.

Treat Heel Pain.

Many people do not realize that plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the plantar fascia, the band of connective tissue that supports the arch of your foot and extends to the heel. When pain starts, plantar fasciitis can last a long time without treatment. You want to talk about a limit in your activity? This can keep you down for a long time without proper treatment. You really need to start treatment immediately or you will open yourself up to many other health issues like weight gain, muscle tension, and depression.

Beat the Fungus.

Fungus will grow in warm moist places and that is where your feet live most of the time—in socks and shoes. It is important to keep your feet dry and clean to prevent athlete’s foot fungus. If you get athlete’s foot fungus many over the counter topical creams will work. However if it persists, you should see a doctor to get a prescription to kill the fungus.

At the end of the day, you need your feet to get around and do all the activities you love to do. If you have foot pain, you are not happy, and activity slows down. This can cause a new problem–weight gain, which again is hard on your feet. It is a vicious cycle to care for your feet. Time to pay attention to the feet below you!

We have had several athletes in our store recently worrying about their foot pain. We have recommended the LaserTouchOne to help them relieve the pain, and they are pleasantly surprised. They cannot believe this one device can help alleviate the pain and usually they get rid of the pain indefinitely.

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What does my Tension Mean? Learn What Different Tension Means to Your Body

Man with neck and back painYour back is killing you. Your neck feels like someone just laid a sleeping cow on it. Why are you so sore and struggling to keep up? The answer is tension. Tension can cause muscle pain makes us feel like we just had a work out! How do you know what this tension is or means in your body and where do we carry tension?

Two most common places for tension are the following.

Tension in Neck and Shoulders. The neck is the most common location for pain and where we carry stress, and then it is our shoulders. Why this location? Many times it is just sitting in one position too long or working intensely on a project that causes stress and strain in our joints and muscles. As the tension settles in, we tend to develop bad posture and this usually leads to headaches and pain and discomfort down the arms. After a long day, you may have achiness in your arms that really comes from all the tension in your neck and shoulders!

Lower Back Pain.  How we stand, sit, or do repetitive movements at work can all lead to lower back pain. But tension sometimes settles in our backs when we fail to listen to our body’s need to take a break, stretch, move differently, or seek relief from mental stress. Oftentimes, mental stress or a crisis could make your back pain worse, and then you start feeling it down your legs too. Relief is important so that the temporary tension pain does not become chronic pain.

I have had several people come in recently complaining of ongoing tension in their neck and shoulders which is effecting their ability to do their jobs.  I suggested they try the Laser Touch One system at night to relieve built up stress and pain from muscle tension.  Both tried it and said they have much less pain during the day! 

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The Truth Behind Muscle Soreness: 4 Signs You Might Need Medical Attention

Muscle injury with the thighMuscle aches and pains are common and usually involve more than one muscle. Usually a muscle pain is associated with overuse, tension, or muscle injury from exercise or a large amount of stress from a physical work in your job.  However, sometimes a muscle pain can be more than it seems. When do you know to contact a medical professional and that the pain is more than just a sore muscle?

Here are 4 signs you might have more than just a tired or sore muscle.

  1. Your Pain Continues Longer Than 3 Days. We all have had sore muscles after a different or intense workout. However, that pain usually is gone in one or two days. If you have severe persistent pain for more than 3 days, something more serious could be wrong and warrants medical attention.
  2. Signs of Infection. Do you have redness around the muscle or swelling? If so, these are signs there is an infection related to the sore muscle. You need to seek medical attention to see what is going on with the muscle.
  3. Poor Circulation. If you have poor circulation you can have severe muscle aches that need addressed.
  4. Signs of bug bite. If there is a bite or a rash on the muscle area this can lead to sickness and infection. Especially if a tick or another infection carrying insect bit you.

So, the slogan “no pain, no gain” works most of the time, but sometimes muscle soreness is more than just an overused muscle. Consider carefully (you know your body the best!) and seek medical attention for unusual or extended muscle pain.

Recently a young man came into the store to look for something to help with his aching legs. He works a very labor-intensive job, and had continuous soreness. He did speak to his doctor and learned that in this case, it was just sore, tired muscle pain. We offered to help him with BioFreeze or the LaserTouchOne to help alleviate the persistent pain after every workday. He tried the LaserTouchOne and now can relax and sleep at night without severe agitating pain.

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3 Things to Know About a Dislocated Shoulder

Pain in shoulderA dislocated shoulder is an injury that happens most often in sports with a lot of contact. However, it is also common in the work environment and car accidents. Many times with a shoulder injury people say, “Work through the pain.” That is really not good advice to follow when you have this type of injury because the shoulder is fragile. Here are 3 things you should know about a dislocated shoulder to understand what is going on with your shoulder.

  1. Dislocation and Separation are not the Same. A dislocation occurs when the upper arm bone (humerus) is separated from the shoulder blade (scapula). Essentially, the bone pops out of socket. Whereas a separation is when the tendons and ligaments that attach the scapula to the clavicle are damaged.
  1. The Injury is Serious and is not the Same for Everyone. This injury, if not treated correctly, can result in more dislocations, and other joint complications and issues in the future.  If left untreated you could end up with a fracture, muscle tears, and nerve damage. Only a physician can accurately diagnose your shoulder pain so it is imperative to get evaluated as soon as possible.
  2. The Faster You Treat, the Faster it Heals. Like any injury, the shoulder is no different. The sooner you seek treatment the faster it will heal.  With a quick recovery, you can resume your normal activities without pain and with a full range of motion. However, if you don’t get treatment quickly, you could be in for a long road of suffering.

There are several treatments for the shoulder. Recently, we had a football player with shoulder pain in the store with his parents. He had been diagnosed with a dislocated shoulder and was trying to recover.  He not only had pain from the injury, but his rotator cuff was very swollen. He did not have full range of motion and was in pain. After he told us his story, we recommended he try the LaserTouchOne. It provides relief and comfort as he is healing and is very easy to use at home.

We helped him with treatment and he is mending faster than he thought possible. New Visions offers a variety of pain management products to help athletes get back in action. Want to try the LaserTouchOne? Stop by today to see how it can be effective to reduce your pain from injury.

School Sports Start and so does the Pain…4 Tips to Beat the Pain

Two sports players injuredAs the summer starts to close and school bells ring, students get excited for their new activities. Whether it is volleyball, running, soccer, or football, student athletes are ready for new adventures. However with new activities, muscle pain and soreness tends to accompany the fun. What can athletes turn to for pain relief?

Here are 4 ways to relieve muscle soreness or injury pain:

  1. Drink Lots of Water and Pack in the Protein. Water will keep you hydrated and help keep fluids moving through the body. Also your muscles crave protein, so drink a protein shake or eat food high in protein post-workout to help keep muscles from cramping.
  2. Ice. This is a quick easy fix to help reduce swelling and pain in muscles. Icing for 20 minutes every hour for 8-10 hours helps reduce the pain and swelling so you can move again slowly and regain your muscle strength. It will promote healing and reduce tissue inflammation.
  3. Stretch and Move More. Before you succumb to lying on the couch and resting, stretch your sore muscles and move. Slowly and gently get the blood flowing, so the injury or sore muscle can heal more quickly. Some light yoga or Pilates can really help with recovery if taken slowly.
  4. Topical Analgesic. Topical gels applied directly to the sore muscle or injury can instantly provide relief. Typically, the gel provides a cooling effect and helps the blood circulate to the injured area. This type of relief reduces pain to give you comfort as you heal. Some even find it relaxes the muscle to promote healing and ease of movement quicker.

Needless to say as students head into their sporting events for the year, they can experience muscle pain and injuries that can cause soreness. Usually this soreness is manageable with ice, but sometimes it requires more. We recently had a young runner in the store with soreness around her shin and knee. We recommended Biofreeze and it worked wonders. She was able to start moving slowly and get the blood flowing to the injury for a quicker recovery. Biofreeze is one of our many pain management products that you can try at our Coldwater location and help nurse your athlete’s pain to a full recovery. You can contact us at 1-800-617-6795 or 419-678-4979.

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My Head is Killing me, and I Can’t Stand up! 5 Ways to Conquer a Headache

Older man with headacheFeel like your head is exploding and you can barely move? You are constantly trying to regroup, breathe deep, and not think that your head hurts. You have too much to do, and no time to waste on a throbbing head. How can you win the battle of the migraine headache? It is never easy and what works for one, may not work for you.

Here are 5 ways to conquer the headache and make your day run more smoothly.

  1.  Massage. Whether you have a professional do it or you rub your temples yourself, a massage can do wonders for an aching head. Just the basic head, neck, and shoulders massage can have you feeling better in minutes. Sometimes you just need to relax the muscles so you can function. You don’t even realize that you are tensed up and not relaxed until you get a massage and feel your body start to unwind and relax.
  2.  Stretching. Who would ever believe that stretching can relieve a headache? Some basic stretches can make you relax and win the headache battle. For example, you move your chin to chest and stretch back, look side to side, or stretch your ear to each shoulder. These simple stretches can reduce or eliminate the tension in your head.
  3.  Aerobic Exercise. Exercise like brisk walking, running, swimming or even biking can stimulate muscles and reduce a headache. There are many times I have felt my head start to pound, and I immediately get up and walk. It is amazing how quickly the nagging pain subsides. According to the National Pain Foundation, aerobic exercise reduces headache pain and keeps you healthier. So when your head starts to throb, go for a quick brisk walk you will feel better, and you might even lose a few pounds.
  4.  Yoga. The combination of breathing exercises, physical postures, and meditation can do wonders for the aching head. You don’t have to be super flexible to start yoga. You start where you are and go from there. It is truly an experience of balancing the mind, body, and spirit to be in sync.
  5.  Relaxation and Meditation. I know many people think relaxation and meditation is goofy. However with deep breathing and concentration, you can really relax your body and mind.  Try visualizing your most relaxing location while deep breathing and just meditating on being in that location and unwinding. With visualization and deep breathing, you will be amazed that you really can reduce headache pain. You can even incorporate music that helps you unwind.


Trying to manage headaches to stay healthy and productive can be a challenge. However, there are many options that work, and one will work for you. I have the LaserTouchOne that helps or eliminate headaches as well. By rubbing at the base of the neck and shoulders, I can feel my muscles relax and the pain subsides. It is a great find that is portable, and you can carry it with you in case you are traveling and your head starts to throb, and you just can’t stand up! Stop in today and try the LaserTouchOne and you will feel relief.