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Ask Sarah: How do I choose an appropriate scooter?


A mobility device can allow you so much freedom but is an investment that should be made wisely.  All the possible options on the market can be overwhelming and you want to ensure you take some time to research them carefully and really ascertain you’re getting the equipment that makes the most sense for you.  First, you will need to determine whether a power mobility scooter or a power wheelchair will serve your needs best.  Some important things to consider in determining this are your lifestyle, physical limitations, and what you plan to use the device for.

What is the difference between a power mobility scooter and a power wheelchair?

Many people do not know the difference between a power mobility scooter and a power wheelchair.  Hopefully this article will provide you with some insight on this.  One of the biggest differences in these devices is the way it is controlled.  A scooter is operated with a tiller mechanism and requires adequate strength and dexterity of both hands to maneuver it safely; whereas a power wheelchair is controlled with one hand through a joystick and has many more options available.  A power wheelchair is also easier to maneuver in tight spaces such as hallways and bathrooms due to having a much tighter turning radius.

Is a scooter right for me?

If you have any concerns with trunk control, balance, skin breakdown, swelling in your legs, inadequate use of both hands or any other limitations requiring adaptations, a power wheelchair may be the better option for you as it can be customized to meet your needs much better.  Special seating systems with positioning pads, skin protection cushions as well as elevating leg rests are among some of the options that are not available on mobility scooters but can be added to a power wheelchair.

Furthermore, if you intend to use the device inside your home, a power wheelchair may be the better choice due to the ability to make tighter turns.  However, if you have an open floor plan with wide doorways, a scooter may work as well.

If you simply need something to assist you in walking but have good body control and enough room to maneuver it, you may be a good candidate for a mobility scooter.


What do you intend to use the equipment for?

If you anticipate using the scooter inside your home and/or when you are out running errands, shopping, or traveling, a compact scooter may be your best option.  These are often called “travel scooters” and have many nice features including the ability to be taken apart very quickly and easily for transporting in your vehicle.  Most models are available in a 3-wheel or 4-wheel version.

If you do not plan to transport your scooter but rather intend to use it out in the yard or on uneven terrain, you may benefit from a larger scooter with bigger tires and more ground clearance.  The larger scooters usually do not come apart as nicely and are harder to transport unless you have some type of vehicle lift or trailer to load them.

Three-wheel versus 4-wheel scooters:

Generally 3-wheel models are the lightest and most compact, offering the best maneuverability.  They typically have a tighter turning radius than the 4-wheel model and make navigating in crowds, stores and your home easier.  The 3-wheel version offers more leg room for the rider allowing them to stretch out their legs.  Comfort level may be one of the biggest influences in opting for the 3-wheel version.

A 4-wheel scooter may offer a little more stability but still can be tipped over if not careful on uneven terrain.  The turning radius isn’t quite as sharp but isn’t a factor in wide open areas.  Because of the fender covering the tires, the 4-wheel models don’t offer as much leg room which may be a big determining factor, especially for someone with long legs.

If you need your scooter to get around inside your home, your top priority should be ensuring you have enough room to make turns and get down narrow hallways or into bathrooms.  In this case, a smaller 3-wheel scooter with a shorter wheel base may be your best option but you may need to consider going to a power wheelchair as your turning radius will be much better.  Of course this will depend on the layout of your home.

What size scooter will I need?

Prior to making your model selection, you will need to establish the maximum weight of the user as well as any additional items that will need to be carried on the device such as oxygen tanks.  You should select a model with a weight capacity equal to or greater than the anticipated load.  If you are close to the weight capacity, you may wish to consider the next weight capacity range.  Try to be as accurate as possible with this as overloading a scooter may affect the overall performance especially on inclines and may possibly void the manufacturer’s warranty.  This may narrow your selection down some.

Scooters are available in many different sizes with varying weight capacities.  Your body build will likely play a factor in which piece of equipment is most comfortable for you.  If at all possible, we suggest you physically sit on the scooter to ensure it fits you well.  Some things to pay attention to are comfort of the seat and that the seat width provides adequate room for you as well as the overall size of the scooter feels good to you.  On many models the armrests can be adjusted in or out to your desired position.   We find that often times petite individuals feel more comfortable on a smaller device whereas a tall person may desire more leg room offered by a larger one, but this varies with each individual.

What size tires and how much ground clearance do I need?

If you intend to use your scooter in your yard or on uneven terrain, you will want to consider the size of the tires as well as the amount of ground clearance the scooter has.  In this type of application, larger tires and more ground clearance will give you the best performance.  Many times you will need to consider a larger scooter to get the ground clearance and tire size you desire.

If you plan to mainly use your scooter on flat paved surfaces, a smaller tire with less ground clearance will perform well for you and oftentimes will be less costly.  Again, the smaller varieties usually transport much easier than the larger versions.

How far can I travel on my scooter?

A common question is how far a scooter can travel on a single battery charge.  This will depend on the scooter itself, the size of the batteries, the age of the batteries, the weight load being carried as well as the terrain being traveled.  Check with your dealer on the average operating range for the particular scooter model you are considering.  Typically larger batteries will allow further range of travel and will perform better on steep inclines.

What are some features I should consider for my scooter?

Lights:  Many scooters have lights in front as well as in the rear.  These are helpful if you plan to ride your scooter in poorly lit areas.  They typically are not bright enough for you to see well enough at night but rather helps others see you better.

Shocks:  Some models are equipped with a suspension system.  These scooters provide a much smoother ride especially on uneven surfaces.

Battery size:  Scooters with larger batteries typically have more power and can travel greater distances on a single battery charge.

Tires:  Pneumatic tires will periodically need air added, whereas solid rubber tires are pretty much maintenance free.  Tire size is important when traveling on uneven terrain and unpaved surfaces.

Transportability:  Many “travel scooters” break down into several pieces making them easier to handle as well as fit into your vehicle.  This is an important feature if you plan to load/unload your scooter often and have limited space to store it in your vehicle.

Accessories Available:  Options for your scooter will vary from model to model but may include things such as oxygen holder, crutch holder, walker holder, rear basket, front, basket, safety flags, power elevating seat, cell phone holder, cup holder as well as many others.

How will I store and transport the scooter?

If you will carry your mobility scooter in your vehicle, you need to consider how much space you’ll need and the strength required to assemble and dis-assemble it.  Large-sized scooters usually cannot be disassembled and require a vehicle lift or ramp to transport.  New Visions Medical Equipment is certified in installing vehicles lifts as well as a provider of ramps.  Some of our customers have multiple scooters and other mobility devices to get them around.  This is ideal if you can afford it.

Where do I buy a scooter and what brand is best?

There are many different scooters on the market and some manufacturers are better than others.  One critical thing to consider when purchasing a scooter is if there are parts readily available for it and where I can get them.  Many scooter companies come and go and it is very difficult to obtain parts for scooters from the ones that are no longer in business.

Many individuals consider purchasing equipment online.  Oftentimes this is not the best plan as you have no one to service the scooter after the sale.  This is a big problem for many and is a very important factor to consider.  We suggest you buy from a reputable dealer and manufacturer that has been in business for a period of time.  New Visions Medical Equipment keeps a variety of scooters in stock for you to try as well as services every piece of equipment we sell.

Who will service the scooter? 

This should be a big factor in determining where to purchase your scooter.  We often get calls from individuals who cannot find anyone to service their equipment after the sale.  New Visions Medical Equipment stands behind all manufacturer’s warranties and services everything we sell.  Part availability is a huge concern for many scooter models so you will want to carefully consider what you are buying and ensure this will not be a problem for you.

What are my options if I am not able to load my scooter myself to transport it?

For someone unable to physically load their scooter by themselves, the best option is probably a power operated vehicle lift as a ramp is not very user friendly for this type of individual and can sometimes take just as much as effort as loading the scooter itself, especially if it is a ‘travel scooter”.  However, for the right individual, a ramp is an option and is usually quite a bit less expensive.

How do I choose a vehicle lift for my scooter?

Just like scooter models, there are different types of lifts on the market to help with loading your scooter so you can transport it.  These are a great purchase for someone not physically able to assemble and dis-assemble a scooter but who still wishes to maintain their independence.  You will need to ensure the lift you are considering is compatible with your vehicle as well as the scooter you plan to transport.  Many power operated lifts are made for specific vehicles in addition to specific scooters and are not a one-size-fits-all item.

Vehicle lifts that are power operated are very easy to use and make transporting so much simpler.  Before selecting a lift, you will need to determine the make, model and year of the vehicle you wish the lift to be installed with as well as the make and model of the scooter.  You will also need to decide if you will haul your scooter inside your vehicle or behind your vehicle.  When hauling a scooter on the outside of your vehicle, you will need some way to keep it dry as scooters do not hold up well when exposed to any type of moisture, perhaps a scooter cover.  Once you have established this information, your lift choices will be narrowed down significantly.

Where can I get a power operated vehicle lift installed for my scooter?

 New Visions Medical Equipment is certified in installing vehicle lifts and can accommodate most people’s needs and wishes.

If you need any further help choosing a power mobility scooter, power wheelchair, or vehicle lift, visit us at: 

New Visions Medical Equipment, Inc.

4108 State Route 118

Coldwater, OH  45828


Buzzaround XLS Scooter

Scooters have arrived for Spring!

It’s that time of year again! The sun is out, temperatures are rising and flowers are starting to pop up from the ground.  Spring is here! One of the best things about spring is being able to enjoy it outdoors.  If you are one of many American’s who struggle with their mobility, spring may not seem as enjoyable as it used to.  Just because your mobility may not be as good as it once was, doesn’t mean you should sit on the sidelines.  Get outdoors this spring with a new scooter!

There is a new scooter in town this year, and it definitely will help you enjoy life again! That new scooter is the one and only Buzzaround XLS scooter from Golden Technologies.  The Buzzaround XLS comes in both 3 and 4-wheel models and features:

  • 300 lb. weight capacity

  • Ultra Bright LED headlight standard

  • Charging port below the control panel

  • 3 inch ground clearance

  • Red and Blue Shroud panels included FREE

  • Disassembles quickly and easily for transport

  • NEW Comfort Spring Suspension for a smoother ride

This scooter is the best travel scooter on the market!  You can even take the battery pack out of the scooter and charge just the battery pack, making it convenient for keeping your scooter in your vehicle for traveling.

So don’t stay cooped up indoors this spring.  Enjoy it outside on a brand new scooter! We have both the 3 and the 4-wheeled models in-stock.  Stop by and give one a test drive today!  We will even show you how quickly they can come apart!

For anyone who purchases a new scooter during the month of March, we will enter your name into a drawing to win 4 FREE Dayton Dragons baseball tickets!  P.s. They are handicap seats too!

Fifth Third Field

Ask Sarah: I need to be able to get down the stairs, but my arthritis is too bad. Do you have a solution?

Dear Sarah,

I have been having trouble lately with my arthritis in my knees.  It’s so bad that I can’t get down my basement steps anymore without extreme pain.  I need to have access to my basement because my laundry room is down there.  What if I need to get down the stairs quickly due to a storm? I just don’t know what to do.  Do you have any solutions?

Thanks in advance,

Jean, Sidney, OH


Hi Jean,

I am sorry to hear that your arthritis is causing you so much pain! I understand your need and concern to be able to get down into your basement.  If you are unable to relocate your washer and dryer, or would rather just keep them down the basement, then a simple solution would be to have a stairlift installed.  By installing a stairlift, you would be able to safely and quickly access your basement while remaining seated- no more painful knees! Having a stairlift installed is easier and more affordable than you might think! In the past few years they have designed more economical models, making them more affordable for everyone.  Installing one only take a few hours and doesn’t take up too much space on your stairway so you can still walk up and down the stairs if you want too.  You can even put your laundry basket on the seat of the stairlift and send your laundry up and down so you don’t have to worry about carrying a basket and navigating the stairs at the same time! The stairlift runs on battery, so if there would be a power outage due to a storm, you can still access your basement safely.

If you would like a free estimate on a stairlift, please give us a call! 419-678-4979. I hope you find some relief soon!


New Visions Medical Equipment

Help Us Combat Cuts to Medicare!

This week is a critical week and our last chance to protect seniors and people with disabilities who rely on medical equipment. Please read…

On January 1, 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid will expand a program called competitive bidding. The competitive bidding program expansion will slash reimbursement rates for important medical equipment such as oxygen, walkers, wheelchairs and complex rehab equipment (seat and back cushions, power recline and tilt systems, specialty drive controls, etc.)

This change will make it very difficult for millions of Americans to find the vital equipment they need or require people to pay out of pocket for their medical supplies.


Without assistance from Medicare, many beneficiaries will not be able to afford medical technologies they rely on for daily living.  Multiple bills have been introduced  in Congress mandating CMS stop the cuts and fix the program! We need your help to push these bills past the finish line. If you haven’t done so yet, PLEASE send messages to your legislators today.

Urge your legislators to preserve access to quality equipment and care. 

Message them here

Please note: In order for the bidding expansion to be, the bills must be passed and enacted by December 31, 2015.


Intergenerational Vacations Can Be Fun!

You’ve decided it is time for a family vacation and you want to take everyone (including your mom and dad) on the trip. But how do you begin the planning to make it fun for your children and your parents? Here are some quick tips to make vacationing with your parents both fun and easy!

4 Tips for Family Fun on Vacation


  1. Remember there are laws that assist you.

When you are traveling, remember that the American Disabilities Act requires that you get assistance when you are traveling with parents or kids with special needs. This includes access to ALL facilities you travel to and free wheelchairs upon arrival to your destination. However, you can travel with your own mobility device and that is just as easy. Remember to follow all directions to keep your mobility device in top condition when traveling.


  1. Consider hiring a health care aid.

Depending on your budget, you can hire a health care specialist to help eliminate stress while you are vacationing. This is a great way to make sure you have extra hands and eyes on your aging parents so you can be attentive to their needs and make sure everyone is enjoying the vacation together.


  1. Trip insurance can be helpful.

Intergenerational trips can be a blast for everyone, but don’t get caught up in the anxiety that plans could change. Do your due diligence with research about trip insurance in case there is an emergency and the travel plans change. Also look at healthcare insurance for traveling. There are many options and your current plan might have travel insurance as well. Having proper insurance when you travel alleviates a lot of headaches and makes the trip more enjoyable for everyone.


  1. Communication makes the day fun!

The goal of a family trip is to make sure everyone enjoys the trip and each other. This means you need to communicate honestly with your parents about their limitations and what they feel comfortable doing. Having the conversation before the trip is best so no one is put on the spot or feels bad if they cannot participate in an activity.


Creating a trip this summer with your parents and kids can be a fun experience and create many long-lasting memories. With proper planning you can make sure mom and dad can get around and enjoy the tip with you and their grandchildren!


Are you looking for mobility devices to help make your intergenerational vacation more care free and easy? We can help! Give us a call at 419.678.4979 or stop in to New Visions Medical Equipment today!

Save BIG at New Visions’ Exclusive Get Up and Go Event!

Whether you are a senior using a scooter or power chair to get around and keep up with your exciting and active lifestyle or a young athlete looking for sports and pain management products—or even someone in between—the Get Up and Go event is right for you! Welcoming individuals of all ages, this event won’t disappoint! Food, fun, prizes, savings and nice weather—what more could a person want?!

Event Details

This event will be hosted by yours truly at our store: New Visions Medical Equipment, located in Coldwater, Ohio.

  • Who? YOU! This exclusive event is open to the general public and we invite those in all stages of life. Come one, come all!
  • What? Get Up and Go Event featuring food, fun and prizes! See below for details.
  • Where? New Visions Medical Equipment
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  • When? Saturday, June 13th
    9 AM to 1 PM

The Perks

  • $100 off all new scooters
  • FREE spring cleanings and diagnostic checks for current scooters or mobility devices
    • This includes cleaning, battery checks, making sure the tires are properly inflated, and overall inspection to make sure the mobility device is in proper working order)
  • FREE food (hot dogs, chips, homemade cookies and drinks)
  • Door prizes
    • Mobility accessories (cup holders and accessory bags)
    • Automatic blood pressure monitor
    • T-shirts
    • Bio-Freeze
    • Inspirational wall art
    • Visa gift cards
    • More prizes arriving daily!

Grand opening and a new product!

See what’s NEW at New Visions! Specialty Shoes & More will be celebrating their Grand Opening during our event! Located inside of New Visions, Specialty Shoes & More offers therapeutic shoes for diabetics, plantar fasciitis and much more! Stop by and talk to Karla, a certified therapeutic shoe fitter, and receive a $10 gift certificate to use towards Specialty Shoes & More!

At New Visions, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of mobility, bath safety and pain management products for individuals at all stages of life. To learn more about our event and how it can benefit you, please email info@newvisionsmedical.com or give us a call us at 419.678.4979.

Top 5 Features to Consider When Buying a Scooter

Is it seemingly getting more and more difficult to get around your home? What about getting in and out of the grocery store? Aging can sometimes make it hard for us to admit we need help with our mobility. Don’t be embarrassed! Mobility scooters are popular because they help you maintain your independence and get around—with ease, might I add—in your everyday life.

Purchasing a scooter can seem like a tedious task. How do you do it? Where do you start? Where do you go? It doesn’t have to be that way! That is why the team members at New Visions Medical have put together the top 5 things you should consider when purchasing a scooter.

5 Considerations When Purchasing a Scooter

  1. Maximum weight capacity. We never want to talk about weight, but it’s essential when it comes to buying a mobility scooter. If you weigh over 250 lbs., then you may need to purchase a more durable scooter to help you get around most efficiently. Every mobility scooter has a maximum weight capacity for optimum performance. You need to make sure you find the right one for you.
  2. Ease of maneuverability. Where do you plan to use the scooter? If you plan to use the scooter in a supermarket or home, you may need a scooter that has a tighter turning radius. A 3-wheeled scooter is known for having the best turning radius; however, you still want to make sure it fits your other needs, too. When purchasing a scooter, ask the provider to demonstrate the turning capability so you can make sure it fits your needs for your everyday tasks.
  3. Flexibility and comfortability of arms and seat. If you will be getting in and out of your scooter on a regular basis, you will want arms that rotate back and allow you to get on and off the scooter with ease. In regards to the seat, if you are getting on and off the scooter frequently, the standard seat is should be suitable for your needs. But if you plan to spend the majority of your time on your scooter, consider looking into a more comfortable seat that has extra padding. If you are going to be on your scooter most of your time throughout your day, the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable!
  4. How easy it will transport. A commonly overlooked factor when purchasing a scooter is how easy it will be to transport. This is a very important element to your scooter purchase and should not be overlooked. How can you transport your scooter with ease? If you plan to travel with your scooter, you want one that can be dismantled easily or one that you can load and take with you without a hassle. This can often be a challenge because you really don’t know how easy it will be to load it into your car until you try! Practice with a scooter at the store before you make your purchase in order to ensure you are getting what you need.
  5. Where it will be used. Think about how you live day to day. Will you use your scooter in your home or outside more? These are important factors to consider when selecting your scooter. If you will be using over a rough terrain, you should consider a 4-wheeled scooter. But if your scooter will be used mostly indoors or tight spaces in your home, consider looking at the various options for 3-wheeled scooters. These factors all play an important role in the type of scooter you will want to make your day-to-day tasks much simpler.

We know that selecting a mobility scooter is not an easy task, but is one that needs careful consideration in order to properly meet your daily needs. If you think a scooter might be the right choice for you or your loved one, be sure to check out our products page, or give us a call us at 419.678.4979 to discover how New Visions Medical can help you find the right scooter for your needs!

5 Ways a Lift Chair Benefits Aging Parents

If your mom needs to move in with you or you have noticed her struggling with simple everyday tasks lately, maybe one option to help her keep her freedom is considering a lift chair. But how do you know what type of chair she needs or if her insurance/Medicare will cover the costs? These are some common questions adult daughters like yourself are faced with.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for a Lift Chair?

An ideal candidate for a lift chair is someone who may need help getting in and out of their chair on a daily basis whether due to aging, arthritis or a recent surgery that limits their mobility. And because lift chairs look and feel like regular chairs–but possess a safety mechanism that can allow them to raise or lower the chair in order to easily stand up or sit down–they provide your senior with a friendly way of regaining their independence. Typically, those in need of a standard lift chair are not able to get in and out of a chair by themselves, yet are able to move around on their own, whether it be with or without a walker.

5 Advantages of Using a Lift Chair

Lift chairs present a myriad of advantages for seniors, such as:

  • Independence
  • Opportunity to remain in home
  • Ease of mobility
  • More spacious than normal chairs
  • Reduced risk of injury

Okay, now you know that lift chairs have a multitude of benefits for seniors, but did you know that they are also highly beneficial for the caregiver? Lift chairs allow caregivers two important freedoms:

  • Save time. If your mom is able to use a lift chair to function more independently, that will free up some of your time, allowing you to complete chores that otherwise may not have gotten done. Likewise, instead of having to spend the majority of your time monitoring or supervising your senior loved one to make sure they don’t have an accidental fall or injury, you will now be able to pay attention to other pressing issues, or maybe just enjoy a little “me time.”
  • Increase safety and avoid injury. A recent study showed that roughly 54% of caregivers experienced injuries simply from helping assist their senior. Helping older adults transition from a sitting (or even lying) position imposes a physical strain on the caregiver, potentially resulting in a challenging and dangerous situation for both the caregiver and their senior loved one. It’s important not to neglect your own health, especially at a time when you are being relied upon more than ever.

Aside from these advantages, lift chairs allow for reduced stress between the caregiver and their senior loved one (What a blessing that would be!). However, if you are concerned about the cost of purchasing a lift chair, be sure to read this article on whether Medicare will cover the cost.

Are you looking for a new lift chair for your senior loved one? Visit our products page or call us at 419.678.4979 and then let us help you find the right fit for your parent!

We are offering $50.00 off a new lift chair in the month of April and visit us to see our new lower prices today!




You Can’t Get Out of the Car…Now What?

Basic moves such as getting out of chairs, beds and even cars can become a common issue as seniors begin to age. If your senior is unable to get out of the car on his or her own when traveling to holiday parties, the grocery store or doctor appointments it can be frustrating and difficult for the both of you. Mobility issues can easily become a major concern and should be properly addressed as soon as possible in order to prevent serious injury in your senior.

3 Reasons for Mobility Issues

Here are 3 reasons your senior may have mobility issues when getting in and out of the car and how you can help:

1.Arthritis Pain. One of the most common, and also most painful, conditions as one ages is the development of arthritis in the hands, wrists, knees, ankles and other various body parts. Developing arthritis can cause your senior to feel pain and stiffness in their body over time. This in turn can prevent them from participating in daily activities with ease.

2.Trouble with Balance. There are a number of changes that occur as one ages, and balance declination ranks fairly high on the list. This is due to a number of things such as decreased ability to focus, blood pressure dips and the decline of the vestibular system that controls our balance. As seniors age, many health problems can interfere with their balance, increasing their risk for falls. Try talking to your senior about getting a cane or walker to help keep them steady.

3.Loss of Strength. As people age their skeletal muscle mass slowly begins to deteriorate, causing what were once simple tasks to become more challenging. If your senior is struggling to get in and out of the car, try inserting an “assist grab bar” into any vehicle your senior may be riding in. This will help them to pull themselves up and out of the car, making it much easier on their bodies and decreasing their risk of falling.

Not only will paying attention to the mobility issues listed above help your senior get in and out of the car better, but it will also help them in other aspects of their life such as getting in and out of the living room chair, moving around the house and helping them navigate through the crowded halls at their grandchildren’s sporting events. Consider getting grab assist bars to place not only in your aging senior’s car, but also in and outside of their shower to prevent falls from the slippery environment in the bathroom.

Is your senior experiencing mobility issues and need more assistance? Check out our products page to see what we have to offer or stop in today to try out our stair lifts–we are offering $150 off the purchase of any stair lift this month!

Two seniors walking

Is Your Senior Parent Experiencing These Mobility Warning Signs?

Do you know the poor mobility warning signs to watch for in your aging parent to prevent serious injury? Poor mobility in seniors can make it both difficult  and unsafe for them to participate in their normal day-to-day routine. This can lead to falls and injuries that are not only hard to heal, but costly as well.

Warning Signs of Mobility Issues

  1.   Skipping the stairs. Do you notice that your senior is increasingly avoiding taking the stairs or walking long distances? Avoiding stairs and distance walking is a good sign that your parent may be on the road to less travel. Pay attention to how he or she reacts when you suggest taking the stairs or going for a walk. Do they make excuses as to why they should take the elevator instead? Do they tell you they are too busy for a walk? These are good indications that they may be experience trouble moving around easily.
  2.   Trouble with Chairs. As seniors age, it is very common for them to have issues getting in and out of their favorite chair, or any chair for that matter. If you notice your senior increasingly asking for help with getting in and out of their chair, leaning on you for extra support or just avoiding getting out of their chair as often as usual, you will need to address this quickly. Sitting too long can lead to painful sores, stiff joints, weight gain and mood decline.
  3.   Numbness or lack of sensitivity. Losing feeling in the joints is a common indicator of loss of movement and coordination. Has your loved one mentioned not being able to feel their feet or other areas of their body? Or do they avoid talking about it, but you notice they are moving around differently? It may be safe to assume that they are starting to develop mobility issues. Be proactive and contact their doctor to find out ways in which you can prevent further progression of the numbness issues.

A few other areas to show precaution to when dealing with mobility issues are muscle weakness, muscular rigidity, activity reduction, fatigue and loss of balance. Check in with your parent every week to make sure they are not experiencing any of these issues during everyday activities. Whether it’s visiting or talking on the phone, pay close attention to whether your senior becomes apprehensive about certain activities they were once very comfortable doing. Remember, the sooner you address possible mobility issues, the sooner you prevent further loss of mobility.

Do you believe your senior is experiencing mobility issues? Call us at 419.678.4979 or visitour products page to see how we can help!