Why do you buy locally? 5 Reasons to support it

Shop local bagWhen it comes to services where do you look? How do you decide who and where to buy from? Many times people don’t even know what businesses live right outside their door and down the street. However, when you learn about your neighbor’s business, it feels right to keep the spending dollars in the local economy.

There are many reasons you should buy locally, and the common top 5 reasons are here:

  1. Keeps Your Community Unique. There is nothing better than to be traveling and tell someone where you are from, and they identify your community with a small business. It is refreshing when others recognize the hard work of small businesses and how they contribute to the charm and distinctiveness of a community. Why not keep the business prosperous and invest your dollars with that company? If you need their product, make a choice to buy from them. You are not only getting your product, but also investing in the company and community. Be a partner in building the character and the reputation of your local town.
  2. Support your local economy.  Local businesses owned by people in the community are less likely to leave, and they will help build your community to become more prosperous over generations. Why not continue to support the business and satisfy your needs simultaneously. Investing locally is a win-win for you, the business, and ultimately the town.
  3. Better service. When you shop locally, you work with people who understand the product and the target market-YOU. They take time to sell you what you need and assist you if you need help or don’t understand something with the product. They become an extension of your community family and you are treated as such.
  4. Reduce environmental impact.  By buying locally, you are using fewer resources (gas and time) than going to a city to buy what you need. Therefore, you are saving the environment by reducing pollution and keeping the living costs down. Why not shop locally and help keep the environment clean and safe for the next generation.
  5. Create more good jobs.  Small to medium local business are the biggest employers nationally and provide great opportunities for local residents to have a job that fits their needs financially and helps provide a service to other residents. What a great way to build the future of your local community by employing local people.

Needless to say, there are many reasons to buy locally and support your local economy.


New Visions is Your Local Source for Medical Equipment and Pain Management Products

New Visions is proud to be a family-owned business and serving many people in Coldwater and surrounding communities. We offer Home Care products that help your aging loved one continue to live a full life. From lift chairs to mobility devices, we can help you with in-home needs to make life a little easier.

Not only do we offer products to assist aging adults, but we also offer products to help with pain in athletes and workers who have strained muscles. The opportunity to buy locally to help your athlete or worker is fantastic. We can help you find the right product to heal your pain. New Visions is a family business that wants to serve you and help your family feel great.

Stop by and see us! Check out all the new products and existing products we offer to serve your family’s medical equipment or pain relief needs.

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