Ask Sarah: How Can Dad Shower Independently Again?

Dear Sarah,

My father has recently had one of his legs amputated.  We are trying to help him as much as possible with the transition home and we need help in his bathroom.  How will he be able to independently shower again?

Thanks in advance,

Amanda, New Bremen, Ohio


Hi Amanda,

I am sure your father and your family is very overwhelmed by this change in his life.  Showering independently is one thing that nobody wants to give up, no matter the circumstances!

There are several ways that the bathroom can be adapted so that your father can still bath in the comfort of his own home.  Depending on his abilities, I would first consider using a transfer bench– it’s the most economical solution.  One side of the bench sits outside of the bathtub and the other half is on the inside.  Your father can sit on the outside and then slide himself over into the tub- all while remaining seated! It’s a safer option verses trying to climb in the tub while standing.  You can also install a hand-held shower to making showering from the seated position more comfortable as well.

There is also the option of a Safeway Step.  This is something that we can install into the existing bathtub.  The Safeway Step removes the barrier of the tub wall making it easier to get in and out of the shower.  You can place a shower chair inside the tub for your father to sit down while inside.  This option is nice if you don’t want the bulk of the transfer bench in the bathroom and if other people will be using the bathtub as well.  Just slide your shower curtain over the tub when finished and nobody will know you have made any changes to the bathtub!

If neither one of those two options sound feasible, then you can also look into replacing your fathers existing bathtub with a luxury barrier-free shower.  This option is the safest and (in my opinion) most beautiful way to accommodate your father’s accessibility needs.  By installing a barrier-free shower, your father will be able to safely and easily access his shower with nothing in his way!  A fold down seat, grab bars and hand held shower can all be installed in the shower to make his shower experience as safe as can be!

I hope this helps in the planning process to bring your father home!  We would be more than happy to come out to his home to assess his individual needs and to offer a free estimate to get his bathroom ready for him! Just give us a call at 419-678-4979!


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