Is Your Activity Leading to Shin Splints? 3 Things to Consider

Man with shin splintsYour shins hurt and feel achy and you wonder, why do they feel so tender? Often times, athletes and workers who stand a lot or put stress on their legs forget that pain in their shins persisting over a period of time can be more than a sore leg. Many times you think your muscles are sore or tight and don’t think this pain is a big deal. However, when your shins continue to ache, it can very well be shin splints.

3 signs to pay attention to that your shin pain is possibly shin splints.

  1. Excessive Pressure on Lower Leg Muscles. Many times runners suffer from shin splints and it is due to the constant pressure and pounding their legs get from running. This excessive pressure also exists for many who are overweight as well. Sometimes this constant pressure can cause persistent leg pain and that develops into shin splints.
  2. Excessive running or walking on uneven terrain. Think you running through the trails or hills is fun? Probably so, but it can lead to shin splints if the terrain causes wear and tear on you lower leg muscles. Also if at work you stand on a hard surface like concrete your shins can also get tired of the pressure.
  3. Bad Shoes. Your running or walking shoes are expensive and you are determined to make them last. Great, but at some point you need to replace them especially if you wear them everyday. Time to put your shoes to the test and make sure they stand up to what you are putting them through. Taking care of your feet and shins with good shoes avoids a lot of pain and aggravation later.

If your shins ache and it is difficult to walk around home or work, you probably have shin splints. You need to rest. Yep, the best cure for shin splints is rest. Resting is not always easy, but if you couple it with an over-the-counter pain reliever, you can get relief usually within 2 weeks. However, if the pain persists you should consult your doctor to see if you have something more than shin splints like a stress fracture.


Last week we had a young cross-country runner stop in asking if I could fix her shin splints. I recommended our LaserTouchOne unit and rest and now she is up and running after a couple of weeks of using the LaserTouchOne and not running. Please stop and see what we can do to help you with any shin pain.

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