Do you need a little extra help with balance when you are walking? We offer a variety of canes with many style options and accessories to choose from.



If you need more stability than what a cane can offer, we have many different sizes of walkers (and many of them fold!) with a variety of attachments to make mobility easier.

Rolling Walkers

Many rolling walkers have 3-4 wheels and offer a seat if you get tired. Rolling walkers allow you to easily push the walker without having to pick it up to move it. Check out our variety of styles and colors.


Scooters are great for helping you to remain independent even when you have lost your mobility. They come in both 3 and 4 wheeled models and range in size from small travel size to large outdoor size. Scooters are operated with a tiller in front and require the use of both hands to drive. Scooters are ideal for outdoor use, but some smaller models may be able to be used indoors as well.

Power Wheelchairs

Power Wheelchairs are meant for individuals who can no longer walk or who have extreme difficulty in walking. They are operated with one hand with a joystick. They have a small turning radius making them ideal for small spaces such as within the home. There are many different models and options to choose from!


We offer many sizes (pediatric-bariatric) chairs that can be very basic to customized with many choices for your needs.

Transport Chairs

The biggest benefits of transport chairs are that they are light (as little as 15 lbs.) and easily fold up. This type of mobility product makes trips to the doctor or stores a breeze.

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