6 Ways to Manage Plantar Fasciitis

Patient foot being examinedDo you love to run or walk but can’t do what you enjoy due to the pain in your feet?

Is your first step in the morning your most painful?  Perhaps your physician has diagnosed you with Plantar Fasciitis, a painful inflammation of the tendons in the bottom of your foot.

So what are common things you can do to alleviate Plantar Fasciitis?

 Here are 6 quick, easy tips to keep you on your feet!

1.  Maintain a Healthy Weight.  Your feet hold your whole body so if you are overweight your feet are doing more than their share! Not fair, right? Studies show that overweight people have more issues with Plantar Fasciitis then those maintaining a healthy weight.

2.  Daily Stretching is a must!  Do a quick stretch before you get out of bed so that first step isn’t so painful.  Also stretching your ankle and calf muscles regularly helps to keep all your joint tendons in good shape and doing their job.

 3.  Use orthotic inserts and other foot tendon supports.  Your doctor or pharmacy can recommend additional support inserts for your shoes as well as braces and wraps applied to your foot.

 4.  Avoid shoes that exacerbate the problem.  You may have to give up your favorite flip-flops for a time period until the inflammation is under control.  Some women find wearing high heels gives relief because it puts pressure on the fore foot, and less on the arch.

 5.  ICE!  Many people keep a frozen bottle of water to roll under their foot periodically during the day.

 6.  Laser. Another option that is a best kept secret for managing Plantar Fasciitis is the LaserTouchOne. The LaserTouchOne helps eliminate pain and keep you on your feet moving!


I recently had a customer from Coldwater who had been suffering with heel & foot pain for several months. 

He finally decided to go to a podiatrist for some relief.  He was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and had to get cortisone shots, use steroids, and get custom made orthotics!  After all of that–he was still in pain!  

 He was very skeptical about the LaserTouchOne after I told him about it.  I convinced him to just let me give him a demo and then he can let me know what he thinks.  I did a couple of back-to-back 2-minute treatments on him and found that his trigger point was actually in his calves.  After he left the store, he was feeling much less pain and was very intrigued by the device.   A couple days passed, and he came back in to the store and said that his feet hadn’t felt this good in almost a year!  He was sold and had to have a LaserTouchOne!  He is now pain free and a happy owner of a LTO to stay that way!

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