3 Reasons Why Lift Chairs Make Great Gifts for Seniors

11-20141210_125752-e1418235358674-168x300As the holiday season quickly approaches, you may find yourself looking for gift ideas for your loved ones. It’s often difficult to find gifts that are not only enjoyable but functional as well.

3 Reasons Lift Chairs Make Great Gifts for Seniors

Endless Style Options. Lift chairs come in many different styles and colors but finding a perfect option to meet the physical need and room décor can be very simple. First, make sure you choose the right size not only for the room, but also for the person using it.  Then, take into consideration the color and style of other furniture in the room and pick complimentary tones for the new chair.  After all, it is important for the new lift chair to feel inviting!

Increased Mobility. It’s important for seniors to maintain adequate daily movement in order to keep them limber and avoid dangerous pressure sores.  Some seniors may choose to stay sitting for long periods of time because standing up requires a lot of effort and they feel unstable.  The lift chair eases those strains and burdens, thus allowing more active and productive movement throughout the day.

Increased Comfort. While it may seem like common sense for me to say it’s important for seniors to feel comfortable in their home, often they are using dated furniture that no longer properly supports them.  Increased pressure on bones and muscles from worn out furniture can be quite painful.  Lift chairs offer various settings and alleviate stress on the body.  For example, the chair can be raised upon standing which not only makes this movement easier, it also makes reentering the sit position easier too.

Recently we had a customer come in the store looking for a gift for her mom, who was alone at home. She was doing great health-wise, but needed some help getting up and down out of chairs. We helped the customer find the perfect lift chair for her mom to make her holiday more enjoyable and help her be a little more self-sufficient.

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